Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I'm going to King of Prussia (the 2nd biggest mall in America!) this weekend with my best friend & it got me thinking about things that I've been lusting after...
I love Jerseylicious & Olivia rocked these multi colored zebra pumps on an episode. It was love. If you have read my blog, you know I'm a shoe girl. (Someday soon I'd like to show you my collection!) But I will have these shoes VERY soon!!

This is the holy grail of eyeliners but it sure will leave your pockets empty. I just can't spend $100 on makeup right now but maybe in the future these beauties will find there way in my makeup bag.
I need a beach hat & love this trend. How cute & girly is this!?

Oh my GAWD! I am drooling over these flats right now. Seriously, I might give my left hand for these shoes! I'm right handed so it's all good..

These irons make the prettiest waves but there $100+ and I just can't spend that much on one curling iron I'll use twice a week. I do have a cheapie but it's not as wide as I would prefer.

These are my Top 5 as of right now.
What are yours?


  1. Let's see.....a pair of Justin Harness 8" boots. More sundresses. And really? I will save my wish list for later. Oh wait....I saw in Lucky Mag., a purse that is one of Fergies favorites and I really want it. It's black with long fringe on the bottom and it's mesh see-thru. (No price or place to order it from.)

  2. Thanks for following my blog. LMAO I love how your fun personality speaks out in your post. I find the 24/7 liners to be ok, if anything, more towards the bad side because they're metallic and don't last very long. Mind the fact that you have to sharpen em too, such a pain when i'm in a hurry - too time consuming and messy. The Enzo Milano's ok. I think it's too time consuming too. I prefer my Conair and Revlon hot rollers over my Milano's. Just some suggestions, hope they help.

    My list:
    1. Gucci Boston Vintage Handbag
    2. Ray Ban Cat Eye Sunglasses
    3. more nude pumps!
    4. Paris Hilton Perfume for Women
    5. Bliss Pedi Set (because it's sandals season)

  3. KOP mall is so close to my college! that is funny!
    i love love love those eyeliners, they are the best!
    i really want an american apparel maxi skirt, h&m crop tops, a sun hat, a beach bag, and opi shattered!


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  5. okay i want everything you wish for too hehe

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