Monday, May 16, 2011

OOTD & My New Obsession!

Here's what I wore today:
(Please excuse my boobs, they are ridiculous!)
Shirt: Charlotte Russe
Cardigan: Old Navy
Jeans: Wet Seal
(I had matching Old Navy flip flops on!)
My favorite gum EVER! If you like mint chocolate chip ice cream, you've got to try this! OMG, it tastes exactly like the ice cream. I'm OBSESSED!! And 5 calories a stick!
Have a great night!



  1. i like the top!!! good shape on you :-)

  2. I am honestly obsessed with the key-lime pie one myself. I haaaaate mint so I have skipped over the choco-mint one, but man, the key lime pie one is fuggin delicious :)

    The top is cute, have having ridiculous boobs is sometimes a plus! I myself have nothing up there so I revert to a pushup when I feel the need. Though I am on this "no-push-up" trip right now and just enjoying the body I was given. (I tried once eating food on the overload when I was younger to try and get myself some curves, breast, and ass)....yeah it didn't work I just got sick LOL. But with the cardigan the top looks perfect on you!!

    Thanks for the follow btw ;) I'm following back!