Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas!

It's been a busy few days but I wanted to wish all of you that celebrate a very Merry Christmas (and for those of you who don't Happy Holidays!). Dustin & I had a great day with both families. Of course, my mom spoiled us both! My whole living room is filled with gifts. We didn't get each other much because we really don't need anything, just a few small gifts. I did get a chance to shop yesterday & I bought myself an adorable pair of booties & a new wallet (I needed one so bad!). I'll be doing a post on them soon!
He looks like such a hard ass but he's such a softie! :)
I gave myself Christmas & yesterday to stray away from my diet, but I am back on today. I felt so awful because I binged but I'm so glad to be back. It's so hard to try & be healthy over the holidays but if I don't start now I'll never reach my goal!
I'm so excited for 2012! I'm getting married! We've been engaged 2 years & all the planning will finally be over!
Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I Got an IPad 2!!!

My work bought every employee a 16GB Ipad 2 for Christmas! I can't believe how lucky I am! Seriously, I've wanted one so bad but I just couldn't justify buying it. I love my job!
We celebrated Christmas by having an ugly Christmas sweater party, I didn't get a chance to make my sweater as ugly as I wanted but my friend won the contest with her hideously, awesome sweater!

The mall in my area opened a new store called "Body Central". Omg, it's my new favorite store. Super cute things for cheap! I got this adorable paisley skirt for $12.80.

I also grabbed this navy colored shirt for $9.80. The store reminds me a lot of Forever 21, they have more clubwear type clothes. I have to admit, they have the cutest shoes too! The prices are about the same as Forever 21.
And their jewelry was all $3.90! They had 5 racks of things, so much stuff! I was with Dustin so I was rushed. I had a chance to grab these adorable royal blue feather earrings.
I hope you have a great night!


Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday Weigh In

Am I the only one who hates Mondays? Seriously, they are always the worst day! This week is already stressful, I haven't even starting Christmas shopping. I guess it will all get done.

I weighed in at 164 last Monday. I was super happy when I stepped on the scale this morning. I'm down 7.2 lbs! I've stayed on track all week & I've been at about 1,200 calories each day. Honestly, I haven't been super hungry, so it's been fairly easy. I haven't worked out for a few days, I've been lazy. Hopefully I'll get back on track tomorrow.

This is from a few days ago. I used all the new NYX products I purchased at Ulta & I have another shipment coming from Cherry Culture tomorrow.
I used Lash Stiletto as liner, NYX's Ultra Pearl Mania in Sky Pink Pearl over the entire lid & NYX's Copper on my crease. I also used NYX's Mocha Blush.

Have a great night!


Thursday, December 15, 2011

A melody softly soaring through my atmosphere...


I hope you had a good day!

I had to work early today so my makeup was rushed & I realized after I had been at work for an hour that I completely forgot blush! It's so weird, I have such a specific routine. I can't believe I forgot it! Oh well, that's what happens when I'm tired!

So, here's today's makeup (sans blush!):

I used Lash Stiletto eyeliner today, I like the consistency much better than the Ultra Liner. However, I like Ultra Liner's brush a little bit better. it just is too watery & takes forever to dry. I only used NYX's Red Bean Pie on my eyelid. I used MAC's Shroom on my brow bone as a highlight. (PS - Shroom will forever be my favorite highlight!)

I can really tell that I don't have blush on in this picture. I'm so pasty pale!
I got a coupon in the mail for Ulta & I saw online that they were having a Buy One get One 50% sale on all NYX products. I had to go to the grocery store & Ulta is right down the road. I picked up a few things. I got everything for $21.50.
I'm a huge fan of NYX's products. I typically buy them online but I hate not being able to swatch the colors, so it was good to see some of them in person. However, the prices are much higher than what Cherry Culture's are & they had a very limited selection. But who can pass up 50% off & a coupon?
Here's what i picked up:
1. NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Frosted Beige- I love NYX's Mega Shine Lip Glosses. They have gorgeous colors, are super pigmented & last super long. My favorite part? They smell (and taste) amazing! Frosted Beige is a shimmery, light pink. It does have a beige tone but it's super light & would be a perfect over top of any lipstick.
2. NYX Lip Pencil in Rose - Have you seen NYX's Narcissus? Because this is the perfect lip liner for it! I can't explain how much I love this color. It's the most perfect bubblegum pink!
3. NYX Single Eyeshadow in Highlight- This color is a shimmery, light lemon yellow. It seems like a great color in the pan, I can't way to try it!
4. NYX Lip Liner in Bloom - This is a deep purple pink. It reminds me of NYX's Doll (round lipstick) without the shimmer.
5. NYX Blush in Mocha - Mocha is not what I think of when I see this color. It's a rose pink with an orange tone.
6. NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in Mink Pearl - This is a super shimmery tan brown. It's very subtle but the color is very nice.
7. NYX Single Eyeshadow in Copper - Well, copper is the perfect name for this. It is a true penny color.
8. NYX Ultra Pearl mania in Sky Pink Pearl - Another super shimmery one, but this color is the most gorgeous baby pink. ( I spilt this one all over my keyboard!) I won't lie, I hate the Ultra Pearl Mania packaging. I plan on putting it in a different container.
I plan on swatching everything soon!
Have a lovely night!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy Hump Day!

Hi Dolls!

I hope that you're having a great day!

I wanted to keep you updated on everything. I have been working out, although I wanted to do an hour of cardio each day, I just couldn't make it! I have been doing 30 minutes each day, I guess it's better start slow & work your way up. I guess I haven't really paid attention to how out of shape I really am. 30 minutes is better than nothing right!? I've been eating really healthy & drinking nothing but water with lemon.

(Image courtesy of Pinterest)

Here's today's look:

I used MAC's Shroom (as always!) on my lid & a gold brown on my crease from a palette I got at Forever 21. It was a knockoff Naked palette & I really like it. I used Maybelline's Ultra Liner in Black. I guess this eyeliner is okay. It's got a small brush applicator which is perfect for thin lines (cat eye) but it takes much longer to dry than my Lash Stiletto.

I would wear this for a pin up look but with red lips. Since I was going to work, I decided to tone it down with NYX's Beige (Mega Shine Lip Gloss). I adore that lip gloss, but don't let the name fool you, it's more pink than beige!
Have a great night!

Monday, December 12, 2011


Happy Monday!

I don't know what it is about Monday's but I'm always cranky! I think it's more that I've been having reoccuring insomnia bouts this month. I slept 6 hours total last week & I'm miserable when I don't get enough sleep. Thankfully, I took a sleeping pill last night & got a full 12 hours of sleep. I feel better but I am groggy today.

As promised, I did weigh in today. I forgot to take a picture but it was 164 lbs. WOMP WOMP. I'm 4 pounds away from my heaviest weight ever. I'm not surprised, I've really let myself go. But now I'm completely motivated to get this weight off!

I'm not concerned about the number on the scale. I want to get toned more than anything. (I'd love to see a little weight loss though!) My routine will start today. I'll be doing an hour on the elliptical everyday & then 30-45 minutes of weight lifting, 3 days a week. I plan on starting Supreme 90 Day System (You can read more about it here!) on 1/1/12. So from now til then, I want build my body up to be able to work through that! If I would do that now, I'd probably die of a heart attack!

Today's Look:

I switched up my regular black liner & used Maybelline's Ultra Liner in Brown. I used MAC's Shroom on my entire eyelid & then MAC's Club in the crease.

"Club" is such an amazing color. Some days it looks more green, others more brown. It's a lighter color but you can really bulid it up. Plus, I love MAC's eyeshadows. They are super blendable & easy to work with. I don't have any MAC stores close (closest is an hour & a half away) & I refuse to buy expensive eyeshadow without swatching them first, so I have very few MAC eyeshadows.

I hope you have a great night!


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Happy Holidays!

I've been a terrible blogger lately! I'm so sorry for the lack of posts, I've been busy with work & I've been doing lots of hair before the holidays.

I have been cooking like a mad woman! I fell off my diet for a few days, I hate being stressed because all I want to do is eat. But I plan on doing an official weigh in on Monday.

I treated Dustin to some PA Dutch cooking this week. I had Wednesday off & cooked, cleaned and decorated the whole day!

On to the good stuff:

My mom gave me a recipe for apple cinnamon spice muffins. These were killer! I made 20 of them & they were gone in 2 days! (Don't worry, I took some to work!) They were perfect for dessert or breakfast!

I call this chicken pot pie. It's an Amish/PA Dutch thing. If you go out of Lancaster County, most people call it chicken & dumplings. But I made my own chicken stock & dumplings. A little extra effort but so worth it in the end. And you can't skimp on this, I used lard for the dumplings. I know, it's not the healthiest but it makes such a difference.
I've been a Grinch this year! I procrastinated putting all the decorations up, but I'm glad that they are up now! We decorated the banister with garland, lights & a stocking for each of our kitties!
It's really hard to see in the picture, but the tree is decorated with navy, teal & silver ornaments. We got silver garland & a sliver tree skirt. It's so pretty! The cats are obsessed with the glitter on the tree skirt & I'm slowly finding it all over the house! I've got a house full of Sparkling Christmas cats! :)
I'll be doing a weigh in on Monday & I promise to post more often!

PS - I'm waiting for one more shipment from Cherry Culture & I'll be having a sweet giveaway! I hope you're ready!
Have a great day!



Friday, December 2, 2011

Pain is inevitable, Suffering is optional.

It's been a little while, I hope that you've been well!

I have a few pictures from this week.

First, we'll start with a look that I really like. I used MAC's Shroom all over my lid & applied the crease color from Wet N Wild's "I Dream of Greenie". I used my typical black eyeliner & face routine. I love the teal color. It was subtle but still enough color to be fun!

You can see it much better in this picture.
The teal really makes my eyes look bright. I'm lovvvving it!

So, I've started eating healthy & working out. I also bought myself an early Christmas present & splurged on elliptical that should be here Monday. I've been trying to eat healthy without being too strict. I have too admit, I'm doing well. I track my calories on Spark People & I'm staying between 1,200-1,500 calories a day. My main concern is cutting out most of the processed junk & eating homemade, fresh meals. I've cut all soda &juice (which isn't hard for me) and I drink only water & unsweetened iced tea with lemon. I haven't been weighing myself (it discourages me) but I can feel a difference in the fit of my clothes. Dustin & I try to do at least 20 minutes worth of weight lifting & easy at home workouts (crunches, push ups & jumping jacks) each day.

Here's a few pictures of what I have been eating. I made an omelet with Canadian bacon, eggs & cheese and ate it with an apple. It was healthy and filling. I tend to eat a ton of eggs because they are so versatile. If I'm not eating eggs for breakfast, i will eat oatmeal or cereal or even leftovers from the night before. I like to stay at about 400 calories for breakfast.

It's hard to cook a healthy meal when you work late, but I've been taking my mini crock pot to work & cooking my meals at my desk. This was a leftover from the night before, i put a thawed chicken breast with salt & pepper in the bottom of my crock pot & then poured 2 cans of 98% Fat Free cream of mushroom soup over top. I added half a jar of mushrooms & allowed it to cook about 6 hours. I used mushroom flavored rice but I also love it over plain brown rice. It's about 500 calories for the whole thing & had some fresh asparagus with it.

I hope that I've given you some motivation & if you have any good crock pot recipes let me know, I'd love to try them!

Thanks for reading!

Have a great night!


Monday, November 28, 2011

Clear liquor and cloudy-eyed, too early to say goodnight...

Well, I had a nice mini vacation, now it's back to work!

We're restructuring at my job, so starting Thursday, I'll be considered a Sales Tech, I'm not surprised, I love to sell things & I'm good at it. It's been pretty stressful, I don't deal very well with change. So if you could send some good thoughts my way, it would be greatly appreciated! :)

Here's today..

The gold on my lid is from Wet N Wild's "She's Got Good Jeans" palette & the purple on my crease is also from a Wet N Wild Palette "Cool as a Cucumber".
Here's a better closeup.

This was from yesterday..

I used NYX's Champagne on my Lid with a little bit of MAC'S Club on my crease.

It's my go to natural look.

Have a lovely night!


Friday, November 25, 2011

I'm Thankful for...

I hope that you & your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

We did lunch with Dustin's family & dinner with mine. I forgot my camera but Dustin's sister took a few I thought i would share

I'm thankful my amazing future hubby! We may not have it all together but together, we have it all!

All the girls!
The first time the whole family has been together in 15 years <3

The boys!

I'm so thankful this season. A few days ago, I sat stressing about money & then I saw a commercial that 17 million people inside the USA go hungry. Then, the very next day, the lady in front of me, a mother in line at the grocery store was paying for formula in all change with tears in her eyes. I handed the cashier a twenty and handed the women the change. I've never gone hungry & I've always had a roof over my head. This season is about giving & I truly believe in donating to you local charities & helping however much you can. Remember the real reason for the holidays!

Have a great day!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Another sun soaked season fades away..


Here's today's look & another look from a few days ago.

I used NYX's Smokie Mountain on the crease with NYX's Champagne on my lid.

My hair is so loooongggg!
Okay, so I need to rant. I have the worst time finding jeans. I typically go to Forever 21 but they seem to think that all tall girls are SUPER skinny. I wear a 29 waist with a 34 inseam. All I could find at Forever was 25 X 34. WOMP WOMP. So I ended up having to get 29 X 32 which are still too short. Ugh, I really hate short jeans. Anyway, I wore these AMAZING plum purple Dollhouse heels today with my short jeans (ha!) but look at how long my legs are!!! The lace top is actually a lilac color & I wore a plum purple tank underneath that matched my heels perfectly!

This is from last Thursday. I wore my red boots with a black shirt & red sequin hat. The hat & black lace shirt are from Forever 21.

I used NYX's Red Bean Pie on my crease.

I'm off work for the next 3 days! I can't wait to relax & spend Thanksgiving with my family. I'll be sure to update soon!

Have a great day!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Furry Friend Tag

I got this tag off of The Beauty Belle's blog & I just though it was super cute! I love my cats like they are my children!

This is Piddle. She's the youngest & a total ham!

This is my oldest cat, Jinx. She was such a tiny kitten here!
This is Jinx now!

Tigs McGee is on the left, Piddle is on the right.

Tigs as a tiny kit!

1. What is your pets name? My 3 girls. Jinx, Piddle & Tiggy!

2. What kind of pet is it and what breed? Domestic Short hair cats

3. How long have you had your pet friend? Since they were tiny kittens!

4. How did you get your pet? They were all stray kittens outside my parent's house.

5. How old is your pet? Jinx is a little over 2, Piddle is 1 & Tigs is 1 1/2 years old.

6. What are some quirky things about your pets personality? Jinx:I swear she's a dog, she plays fetch & sleeps in our bed every night! Piddle: She is the ham cat. She is so funny & has such a personality. She always has to be center of attention! Tiggy: The sweetest cat ever, she loves to be held & she'll talk to you!

7. What does your relationship with your pet mean to you? They are the kids I don't have (yet!) I love them so much!

8. What are some of your favourite past times with your pet? Kitten kisses & snuggles! We have a 7 foot cat tower & I love to watch them play on it!

9. What are nicknames that you call your pet?
Jinx: Diablo, Boo Boo

Piddle: (her real name is Ginger) I have always called her Piddle because she peed on the floor the first night we got her!

Tiggy: Tiggerton, Tigs McGee
Do you have any pets? I swear, one day I'll be the crazy cat woman! :)


We shed what was left of our summer skin...

Hi Guys!

Thanks for your nice comments, I'm feeling much better today!

I did my usual routine today. I always start with NYX's Champagne all over my lid & then I used NYX's Kiwi on the crease. I blended the outside corner with MAC Club, which just so happens to be one of my favorite shadows. It's a brownish, reddish green. It's such a beautiful color. For my face, I've been using Maybeline FIT Me Foundation in 120 & 125. Then, I use Bare Minerals in Medium and Medium Beige & NYX Concealer in a Jar in Light under my eyes. I used FIT Me Blush in light rose with a little Bare Minerals Warmth. I always use the same mascara & eyeliner. Both are Maybelline, Mascara= Turbo Volume Plus (waterproof) & eyeliner= Lash Stiletto Liquid Liner in Blackest Black. I use Covergirl Outlast pencil in Black on my upper lids waterline. I have NYX's Mega Shine Lipgloss in Tanned on my lips.

Here's a shot of my new hair. We used 3 separate colors, a cool blonde tone, a mocha brown & a red brown. My friend always does my hair & she's so patient! It took 3 1/2 hours to put the foils in!
A better shot of the eyeshadow & liner:

I've been testing "Model In A Bottle". It's a matte finishing spray that is supposed to seal your makeup. I was using ELF's setting spray & I like it but I saw this on EBay & wanted to try it. It was $13.95 with free shipping. I do notice that it keeps my skin from looking oily throughout the day. (My skin is really oily, especially in my T-Zone.) I usually have black under my eyes from my waterline, but since I have been using this, I haven't had a problem. The only thing I HATE is that is smells terrible!!! It's main ingredient is SD Alcohol & it does have Fragrance in it but I feel like I'm going to gag after I breath (and I hold my breath when I spray it!) I'll keep you updated on my thoughts..

Have a great day!