Friday, May 24, 2013

MAC Woodwinked, Sumptuous Olive, Shroom & Humid LOTD

Happy Friday Followers!
I feel like it's been such a long time since I posted an actual look & not swatches, so here is today's look!
For this look, I used MAC Woodwinked on my eyelid, Sumptuous Olive in the crease, Humid on my lower lash line & Shroom as a highlight on my brow bone  Sumptuous Olive is one of my favorite colors & I think it really brings out the green in my eyes. 
I filled my eyebrows in with NYX Slim Pencil in Taupe & set with a random eyebrow powder. I used Maybelline Lash Stiletto Liquid Liner in Blackest Black on my eyelid. I took a little MAC Fix+ and mixed it with Humid on my lower lash line. I finished with Maybelline Turbo Volume Mascara in Blackest Black.
I used MAC Studio Fix Foundation Plus in NC30, MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC20 & MAC Pink Swoon for my blush.
 For my hair, I used Bedhead Wave Artist Iron. I took 2" sections and used the waver about 3" from my scalp, I feel like this gives more of a beach wave look. I run my fingers through each section & spray with a light hold hairspray. 
I used MAC Angel lipstick on my lips. I adore this color, it's almost the exact color of my lips but adds a warmer pink tone. A must have in my opinion. 
So that's today's look., I hope you have a great day!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

BFTE Cosmetics in Double Chocolate, Wizard's Wand & Guilty Pleasures Swatches (and Dupes!)

Happy Thursday!
This is the last set of BFTE Cosmetics swatches that I have to post about, are you sick of these posts yet!?
The last 3 are browns & they are Double Chocolate, Wizards Wand & Guilty Pleasures.
As with the previous posts, I have swatched each color dry & then foiled them with BFTE's Mix & Seal. I have also included the descriptions directly from BFTE's website (if available). If the descriptions were not posted on their website, I will try my best to describe the color.
Double Chocolate (no description available) - Rich chocolate brown with shimmer.
Wizards Wand - Dirty charcoal brown with golden iridescence.
Guilty (spelled Gulity on BFTE's website) Pleasures (no description available)- Golden Brown with multi colored sparkles.
I love browns & neutrals from all companies & these colors do not dissapoint. Double Chocolate is rich & super pigmented. I love it foiled & I am certain I will use this often. Wizards Wand is another color I love, I like it dry or foiled. It has just enough sparkle with out making it look childish, and the color is very complex. Guilty Pleasures is really nice too. I don't really know where I would wear this because the multi colored sparkles are pretty noticeable. 
I found a dupe for Double Chocolate, it's Glamour Doll Eyes (GDE) Chocoholic.
You can see how close they look in the jars..
How close are these two colors!? Chocoholic goes on a little darker dry, Double Chocolate looks a little chalky in the picture, but I assure you it's not! They are really close foiled, Double Chocolate is a little darker & less golden.
Guilty Pleasures also has a dupe. Silly me forgot to take a picture of the bottom of the jars but it is Fyrinnae Shenanigans (left) & Guilty Pleasures (right).
These two are very close in the jars but not so much when swatched.  Shenanigans is more bronze & the multi colored sparkles show up better when dry. Guilty Pleasures is much more brown, it's not as pigmented when applied dry  , but it is much more vibrant when foiled. They look so different when foiled! 
So that's the last of the BFTE swatches & dupes.
Have a great day! 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

BFTE Cosmetics in Whisper, Brimstone & Moonwalk Swatches (and Dupes!)

Hi, my lovely followers. I hope you are enjoying your Tuesday! 
I've been quite busy, my husband started a new job working 6AM-6PM Monday - Friday so I have been getting up in the morning to go to the gym. I am NOT a morning person, however, I do enjoy walking/jogging to the gym (it's about 1/4 of a mile from our place). I haven't been eating as well as I should be but I have been working out 3-5 days each week. I'll do another health post in the near future.
I have this post & 1 more to finish up the swatches of the new shadows I received from BFTE.
I have swatched each color dry first & then swatched them using BFTE's Mix & Seal. I have included BFTE's descriptions from their website for each swatch also (if available.)
Whisper - Sheer, palest beige with strong blue-violet sheen.
Brimstone (no description available) - Shimmery taupe with slight pinkish undertone.
Moonwalk - Brown/grey pearl.
Of course, these are my favorites of the bunch. I love highlight colors & taupe, especially shimmery ones! Whisper is amazing, it works great for the inner corner of your eye or the brow bone. It's very subtle but the shimmer is blue based, looks gorgeous with purples & blues as a blending color.  Brimstone is one of my favorites, it has this gorgeous cool undertone. It looks more grey to me in person. Moonwalk is such a versatile mocha brown!
I found a dupe for Brimstone & Moonwalk. I tried to match them as closely as possible but it's so hard when the colors are in the jar & dry.
Brimstone's dupe is Fyrinnae Damn Paladins (now it's called Work Safe Blue), Damn Paladins is hands down one of my go to shadows, it's amazing! Brimstone has that same blue shimmer with a taupe base. Brimstone is much lighter & a cooler tone. Both are beautiful!
Moonwalk's dupe is Fyrinnae Witchy Woodland Creatures. They look close in the jar but they are pretty different when swatched. They are very close when dry, although Witchy Woodland Creature's has more glitter & it takes a gold tone when foiled. Moonwalk has a blue shimmer & looks like a darker shade of Damn Paladins. I have to admit that I love Moonwalk & I can't wait to use it!!
Have you tried BFTE or Fyrinnae?
* Krystle