Monday, March 21, 2011


I finally found the shoes I've wanted! I've been trying to get these shoes for like 3 months & everywhere I have looked has been sold out. I found them on Ebay for $32.99 (including shipping) I am so excited to recieve them that I can barely contain myself!!

I painted my nails yesterday & my camera isn't in my purse but this is the color, it's 060 Fusion Neon. I freaking love it! It's so pink & bright.. it just screams SPRING!

The weather has been rainy & downright crap today. It makes me a little sad because I can feel my motivation for everything go right out the window. But, I hope to make it to the gym tonight because I really need it. I have been on my diet for 16 days and I have been doing so well. I baked over 100 cookies for the bake sale and managed to eat only 1, which is quite an accomplishment for me. Plus, I made homemade vegetable soup last night that I've been eating all day.. it's sooo good!
I'll update soon!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Better Late Than Never..

I know, St. Patrick's day was a little bit ago but I never had the chace to upload these. So here was my green look!:
Green is my favorite color!
I can't wait to get my hair colored!!

My job did a bake sale to support our team in the local MS Walk. We raised $435 for it, and all of the proceeds go towards helping the find a cure for MS. It was such a good time & this is another reason why I love my job!!
Happy Spring!

Friday, March 18, 2011

New Nail Polishes, Shoes & Makeup

Hi Dolls!
I went a little crazy this week with nail polishes, but they were having a sale on China Glaze Polishes. They were 2 for $6 & cleaned my old polishes out and only had like 10 left.
I needed a pair of nude pumps & I met my weight loss goal for March (YAY!) so Dustin bought me these nude peep toes from Burlington for $16.99.

I read a few blogs about Maybelline's One by One Volume Express so I purchased it and I have been using it for a few days. I will do a review in the near future. These are the 10 polishes I bought, (from left to right) Pink Voltage Neon (hot pink), White on White (matte white), Thataway(shimmery coral), Summer Rain (shimmery light pink), Frostbite (bright blue), Sun Worshiper (yellowy orange), Refresh Mint (white green), Flip Flop Fantasy (neon orangey pink) & Solar Power (shimmery yellow).

I bought this NYC palette for green eyes for $2.99 at Walmart. I am very suprised, it has some gorgeous colors!

All the goodies...

And again..

Hope you have a great night!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Product Review- Femme Couture Cake Eyeliner

Last, but not least is Femme Courture Cake Eyeliner. I have never heard of this product or product line til I purchased this eyeliner.
Last time you'll have to look at these...

I really like this product. I use the black to seal gel liner & the brown on my eyebrows. It's pigmented and blends fairly easy.

I would repurchase this (although I think that is has been discontinued..)

All the best,

Product Review- Covergirl Lash Blast Volume

Product #3 is Covergirl Lash Blast Volume.
Sick of these yet!?
I really like this mascara. The brush is really great and it doesn't clump. I usually do 3-4 coats on each eye. It dries really quick & you can remove it very easily with makeup remover (all of my mascaras are waterproof, thanks to sensitive eyes!)

I would repurchase this product again!
All the best,

Product Review Rimmel Max Volume Flash Mascara

Product #2 is Rimmel Max Volume Flash Mascara. I purchased this about a month ago. I was in need of a new mascara & I loved the packaging so I figured why not!
The products again...
The mascara wand & tube. I love this brush. It's much bigger than most I've used. Even though I love this brush, I hate this mascara! It takes forever to dry.. seriously like minutes! And everytime I use it I end up smearing it all over my eye!

Pretty packaging, but I would not repurchase this.

All the best,

Product Review- Urban Decay Shot-O-Gloss

I picked 4 products to review today. The first is Urban Decay Shot-O-Gloss in Cosmopolitan.
The four I chose to review..
This is a great pink gloss, I layer it on almost everything! I HATE the way it smells! It stinks so bad. Plus, It's really gooey & sticky.

I'm not a huge fan of this product, I do use it often because I like the color. I would NOT repurchase it.

Have a good one,

Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Roller

I purchased Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Roller about a month ago & I have been trying it everyday to see how I feel about it. It's a tinted "concealer" that you just roll from your inner corner of your eye out.
First off, it smells nice. It's not like a flower but it's not terrible. I have been applying this after my primer in the mornings & I do like it but I don't find that it really does anything. It's consistancy is very thin so i couldn't use it in place of my concealer. The one thing that i LOVE is that it takes a while to dry, so you have time to apply it to each undereye area and then work with it.
As you can see, it blends pretty flawless.

This is how it comes out..

The package..

And I wore these awesome shoes today. I have them in pink (obviously), green, orange & blue.

This was my awesome dinner this evening. Baked Chicken, fresh green beans & carrots with herb rice! I'm back on my diet & doing very well!

All the best,

China Glaze Crackle..

So I got all 6 of the China Glaze Crackle polishes and.... I LOVE THEM!!! Oh gosh, they are so fun! I can't change my nail color right now because of the video shoots at work, but I had one night to play before I got my nails filled!
I'm a huge fan of the Black Mesh, I painted Crushed Candy over top of China Glaze Short & Sassy, and it was okay.. But, I decided to painted Black Mesh over everything. Can I tell you how much I love this? And the lady that does my nails thought it was the coolest thing since sliced bread! (HA!)
These are a few other swatches, my pointer finger (and pinky finger..) is Short & Sassy with just Black Mesh. The middle finger is is Short & Sassy + Broken Hearted (pink crackle) + Black Mesh. The ring finger is Short & Sassy+ Lightning Bolt (white crackle)+ Black Mesh.
Here they are in the packaging!

The 6 Crackles: Concrete, Crushed Candy, Fault Line, Lightning Bolt, Broken Hearted & Black Mesh.

And I picked this up for $1 at the Beauty Supply Store! Once the videos are done, I'm pretty sure this color & Black Mess will be on my fingers! This is China Glaze Zombie Fest! And again, my nail polish on my nails is China Glaze Short & Sassy for the 3rd month in a row! BOO!!!!


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy Anniversary...

... To my love Dustin. Today, we are celebrating our 4 year anniversary! I love him so much & I am so thankful he's part of my life!!

I'll be doing reviews very soon.. Krystle