Sunday, February 19, 2012

Makeup Haul!

I saw these Wet N Wild palette's at Giant for $5.99 each & I really wanted them but I could not decide which one to buy so I passed on both. Thank goodness because I found them at Savemart for $3.99 each! Since I couldn't decide which to choose, I got both of the one's I had been looking at! I also had the chance to grab one of the new Maybelline Color Tattoo. They were out of stock on a lot of them so I picked Pomegranate Punk. I want to get a few more the next time I am out. I also needed a new eyelash curler because mine is pretty much done.

This is the palette that grabbed my eye first. Blue is one of my favorite colors & this had so many awesome shades. I absolutely adore the pacific blue shade (second on the right), however I hate the last shade on the right. It is a black with chunky glitter. But the rest of the colors make up for it!

Oh, how I adore this palette, I love browns & I love greens & this is a perfect mix of both. Plus that last color on the right looks like MAC Club which happens to be one of my favorite colors. I can't spot any colors in this palette that I don't like!
Everyone has been raving about these! I had to try them. I was deciding between this on & the orange. But I know I would get more use from this one. Plus, reddish purples make green eyes pop!

I finally ordered my Dinair Pro Airbrush Kit. I cannot wait to receive it! Hopefully, I will have it by the end of next week & I'll be sure to do a post!

Have a great day!


(PS - I will be swatching these palette's in the next few days!)

Shopping Haul!


I usually do my grocery shopping on Sunday afternoons & today was no different. However, I stopped at Savemart (a body builder's dream come true!) & picked up some awesome things! I've really been trying my hardest to eat healthy but I've been snacking WAY too much lately. So, to have a happy medium, I bought nothing but healthy snacks at the store. Lots of fruits & veggies, good carbs & yogurt!

I picked up a few packs of energy chews. After I work all day, some days I have to drag myself to work out. So I carry a few of these to give me a boost without a lot of calories & caffeine. I have yet to find a protein powder that I can tolerate. Usually they are gritty & I hate the flavor. Luckily, they have sample packs for $1.29, that way I don't spend $20 on something I gag on while drinking. I decided to try cookies & cream, peaches & cream and raspberry. I grabbed some apple cider vinegar which is a great detoxifer for your body. I add a little bit to water in the mornings before I do cardio. I tried one of the apple pie Larabar's a few days ago & I was hooked. (You can see why below...) I haven't tried any other kinds but they were on sale 4/$5 & I just grabbed 2 apple pie because I love them. I also picked up a sample of honey almond butter, I don't like peanut butter so I've been trying to find a good alternative.

This is my birthday present to myself. My mom let me borrow her Polar FT7 heart rate monitor so I could track how many calories I was burning doing Supreme 90 Day workouts. I loved it so much, I bought one. Now, mine is the basic one. I just need to know what I am burning so I can track it on Sparkpeople. This is the Polar FT1, I got it from HRM USA online & it was $45.99. It's a great thing to have because I was guessing on how many calories I was burning (and I was WAY off on my guesses, haha!) I will be using it for the first time tonight. Everything came really nicely packaged & they had crazy fast shipping. I received it within 2 days. It comes with the wrist watch, which has a huge face & large numbers (a big plus in my book!). There is also a strap you put right under your bra, as close to your heart as you can get. You get to choose the size for the strap (I went with small) and they give you the sizes to choose from.

Back to Larabar's, here is why I adore them, the ingredients (in apple pie) are dates, almonds, unsweetened apples, walnuts, raisins & cinnamon. Gluten free, dairy free, soy free, non-GMO, vegan & kosher! Now, they are a little high in calories, clocking in at 190 for a 1.6 oz bar. However, with such a small list of ingredients (that I can actually read & pronounce!) I can use these as a light breakfast or small snack. They have low sodium,no added sugar & one bar is a half cup of fruit. I'm excited to try the different kinds. I grabbed 2 apple pie, a carrot cake, lemon bar, cherry pie & blueberry muffin.

Are there any healthy snacks that you love?


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mint Chocolate Chip Eyes


So this be my new favorite color combination. I happened to see it on Pinterest (by the way, is anyone addicted to that site like me!?)

I used lighter colors than the original picture (you can see the picture below) but I loved the way it turned out. I used the crease color from the "I Dream of Greenie" palette by Wet N Wild for my inner corner & then I added a gold shadow on the middle of my lid & a darker brown on my outer corner, both the gold & brown colors are from a cheapie eye palette called "Natural" from Forever 21 (it's a knockoff UD Naked palette). I used MAC Shroom to blend everything together. Finished it off with Maybelline's Lash Stilleto Liqiud eye liner.

I really love the colors together. It's still fun but subtle enough to wear to work (which I did!) The original is a little too bold for my everyday look but definitely something I would consider for a night out!
Are there any fun color combination's that you have been trying lately?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Weight Update!

Yikes! I'm up 2 pounds! However, those are good pounds! Saturday was my 25th birthday & I went all out! I had Chinese food, sushi, french fries, ice cream & lots more yucky foods! I'm not stressing, I've been working my butt off. I can see results & that's really all that matters to me.

I also started Supreme 90 Day System (you can see my original blog post there). I will be reviewing each of the videos once I do each one at least once. Dustin & I have both been doing them & we are on day 7. It REALLY kicks your ass! Tabata Inferno & Cardio Challange are killer workouts. I'm buying a heart rate monitor this weekend so that I can track how many calories I am actually burning with each video. You'll be amazed at how much these videos rock! (And for $20, it's way cheaper than P90X!) I will post before pictures, 30 days in, 60 days in & 90 days.

So, Dustin surprised me with these boots for my birthday & I ordered my airbrush makeup kit from Dinair. I can't wait to recieve it because I already have 2 weddings booked!
I have lots of eye looks to post!
Talk to you soon,

Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Weigh In

Happy Monday!

I woke up late, so I did a very natural eye. I used the knock off Naked palette from Forever 21. I've been using the Maybelline Ultra Liner in Brown a lot lately. I like the brush better, it's smaller & you can make a super thin cat eye with it. It's a really rich chocolate brown color, and the consistency is alright. It's a little watery for me but it dries super quick.

I used gold on the lid with a burgundy on the crease.
So, I don't understand weight loss. I have eaten healthy & worked out everyday & I was at the same weight. I didn't work out Saturday (well, we went bowling but didn't get cardio in) & we had a Super Bowl party yesterday & I ate so bad. Lots of buffalo chicken dip, taco dip & chips. We played Dance Central for Kinect with our friends but again, no time for cardio. How the hell did I weigh in at 155? I'm not complaining, but wow. I literally did a happy dance in the bathroom today! I do know why I don't eat junk food though, i had a terrible stomach ache, my face broke out & I feel so sluggish. I was glad to have my green smoothie & healthy food today!

My birthday is Saturday & my amazing future hubby surprised me with this gorgeous white & black diamond heart necklace. He's such a great guy!

I hope you have a wonderful night!