Monday, May 23, 2011


I know tattoo's are a personal preference, some people love them & some people hate them. I think tattoo's are great IF you choose something that is close to you. I hate when someone walks into shop & just picks something off the wall. I always knew that I would have a bunch & I'm nowhere close to finished!! I thought I would show you the tattoos that I have as of right now..
Dustin & I have matching tattoos on our arms. We did not want our names but we wanted something beyond a ring to represent our love for each other. I have the lock & he has the key. I love this tattoo, but my parent's were super pissed. Everyone always asks "What if you break up?", well, we've been together 4 1/2 years so he's been a huge part of my life & it's not like it's his name or something that can't mean something else. This is one of the most painful tattoos I've had. It hurt SO BAD!!
I went through a really rough time when my ex & I broke up. I was extremely depressed & felt like I had no one to turn too. But in my darkest times, I always kept my faith . The Serenity Prayer got me through a lot of tough times so I had it tattooed on my back to represent that God always has my back. I have to say, this is my favorite tattoo of the 6 I have.
I love vintage owls. I have owls all over my apartment & tons of owl jewelry. I seriously love the colors in this tattoo & the picture does them no justice.
This was before I got my lock tattoo, my left wrist (where my lock is) says "Love Conquers All" in Latin & my right wrist says "She Flies with Her Own Wings" in Latin.
This was my first tattoo, I got it at 20. My grandfather has called me "Tinkerbell" since the day I was born. I've always collected tink things & every year for Christmas my mom gets me tink pajamas.
Do you have any tattoos?


  1. wow I luv them all especially where you have the lock and your boyfriend has the key and I luv owls :) I like how you have meaning to each one. I personally don’t have a tattoo but if I did I would want it to have meaning :)Btw I am having a giveaway if your interested check out my blog for detail

  2. I love tattoos, I have a star on my wrist which is quite generic now but I chose it for a lot of personal reasons, I desperately want a new one though, they're so addictive! I love your shared key tattoos, I think that's a really sweet innovative idea with a lovely meaning x

  3. Great post!
    I love the tattoo on your back and how each one has a meaning... I've been looking to get something similar to the prayer.

    I have stars on the back of my ears and I couldn't be happier with them.

    That's a very cute way of having a "matching" tattoo with your loved one. I have always known i wouldn't get a name but something that represents him would be lovely.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. So cool of you to share this with us. Very nice tattoos indeed. :)

  5. i like the idea of tattoos to celebrate your love for one another...its sweet x

  6. Love your tattoo's! I just love tattoo's and seeing all the different stuff people get =)
    I have 3 stars on my foot and the colors are my kids birthstones. I love it so much. Thanks so much for following my blog. I am loving yours! Have a great day!

  7. i used to hate tattoos but now i have become obsessed with them!
    your tattoos are all lovely, i especially love the key and lock that you and your boyfriend both have :)
    i am obsessed with dream catchers and feathers so i think if i ever got a tattoo it would be either a feather behind my ear like demi lovatos or a dream catcher like miley cyrus' though i wouldn't have it as big as hers! the only thing that puts me off is the pain!

  8. Funnily enough I have a similar tattoo on my left arm of a key (meant to be "the key to my heart", cheesy and cliche, I know) and on my right arm I'm planning for the lock. I actually did a similar post on my blog:

    Love the pain!! Lol just kidding but it's kind of like a badge of honor in order to get your tattoo!