Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My MAC Lipstick Collection (PIC HEAVY)

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I currently have 8 MAC lipsticks in my collection, which seems like so few but they can be very pricey. I originally started with a few small purchases from MAC since we do not have a store close by. The closest MAC store is almost 2 hours away at King of Prussia, and I rarely get the time to go there (or have the money!) I do a ton of research before I purchase anything from MAC with Google. 
I did each swatch on my arm & each swatch on my lips, I have included a few additional pictures of some of the colors:
(Descriptions from MAC website)
Russian Red - (Matte) Intense bluish-red
Please Me - (Matte) Muted rosy tinted pink
Lady Danger - (Matte) Vivid bright coral-red
Russian Red: I love this matte red, it was my first MAC lipstick purchase & I wanted it for my wedding. I did wear this in my wedding & it lasted ALL day long. It's the perfect bright red.
Russian Red on my wedding day! :)
Please Me: I do like this pink. I am not a fan of light matte colors, they tend to settle in your lip lines & accentuate any dryness. You can pair this with a lip gloss & it looks so pretty.
Lady Danger: Holy bright red! This color is amazing & I always get tons of compliments when I wear it. The only thing I dislike is it can make my teeth look a little yellow.
Angel - (Frost) Soft pink
Myth- (Satin) Light neutral nude
Cream Cup - Cremesheen) Light blue pink
Angel: This color is a little too light for me & I usually use it with Myth to give it some shine.
Myth: This is my favorite color. It's too light but when used with Nymphette lip glass, it's the perfect color for my lips!
Cream Cup: Just the right color pink & right amount of glossiness! 
MAC Cream Cup :)
Saint Germain - (Amplified Creme) Clean pastel pink
Impassioned - (Amplified Creme) Amped-up fuchsia
Saint Germain: Another favorite of mine. If you've seen Fyrinnae's Less Then Three Lip Lustre (see my post here) , this is the lighter, lipstick form of it. Seriously, this color rocks!
Impassioned: A lovely bright pink & one of my favorite colors to wear if I'm not in the mood for red.
Impassioned at my Rehearsal Dinner
So, that's my MAC lipsticks. I'll be adding more to my list very shortly (don't tell my husband! haha).
Do you have any MAC lipsticks?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My MAC Custom Palette with Swatches (And LOTD!)

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I thought I would show you my MAC palette, I have another 4 piece palette that I forgot to swatch in Smut, Shroom (pictured below), Black Tied & Club.

The colors in order from left to right are:
Top Row - Vanilla, Shroom, Woodwinked, Patina,  & All That Glitters
Middle Row - Sumptuous Olive, Satin Taupe, Gorgeous Gold, Amber Lights & Sketch
Bottom Row - Contrast, Freshwater, Humid, Plum Dressing & Vibrant Grape
I also have a single pan in Tempting.
Sorry, Tempting came out really crappy here.
All descriptions are from MAC's website. I also listed the finish & these are swatched dry.

Tempting - (Lustre) Sinfully rich coco.
Vanilla - (Velvet) Peachy- ivory with reflects
Shroom - (Satin) Soft beige with shimmer (one of my must haves)
Woodwinked - (Veluxe Pearl) Warm antique gold
Patina - (Frost) Taupe brown w/ golden pearl
All That Glitters - (Veluxe Pearl) Beige w/ gold pearl (MUST HAVE!)
Sumptuous Olive -  (Veluxe Pearl) Khaki with pearl
Satin Taupe - (Frost) Taupe with silver shimmer
Gorgeous Gold - (Veluxe Pearl) Muted yellow-gold
Amber Lights - Peachy-brown with shimmer
Sketch - (Velvet) Burgundy with red shimmer
Contrast - (Velvet) Purplish-blue with blue pearl
Freshwater - (Veluxe Pearl) Bright summer blue
Humid - (Frost) Intense green with shimmer
Plum Dressing - (Veluxe Pearl) Pinky-plum with metal
Vibrant Grape - (Satin) Bright magenta violet

My Top 5 Favorites:
1. All That Glitters
2. Satin Taupe
3. Sumptuous Olive
4. Shroom
5. Plum Dressing

My go to colors are All That Glitters & Satin Taupe, I LOVE these two together. I use All That Glitters on my eyelid & Satin Taupe in the crease, works perfect with black liquid eyeliner (see below). Shroom is the perfect highlight color. Sumptuous Olive has a hint of green that looks gorgeous with green eyes, I use it for a crease color fairly often. Plum Dressing is another beautiful color for green eyes, it's such a pretty shimmery purple.

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Well, I have hit 400+ followers & I think it's time I do a giveaway. Since I have fallen in love with MAC products, I thought I would offer my followers the option to win either a MAC Lipstick or a MAC Eye Shadow of your choice. All you need to do is be a follower of my blog & leave a comment with the eye shadow or lipstick that you would like to win (please leave a backup color in case they are out if stock on your first choice). Also, leave an email address that I can contact you at if you are the winner! It must be part of the permanent line (you can click the links above to be directed to MAC's website). This is for followers within the USA (I'm sorry, shipping is too expensive outside of the USA. I promise a future giveaway worldwide.) Of course, I will be checking whether you actually follow my blog! The winner will be picked at random on 2/20/13, the contest will end at 11 PM EST & I will be in contact with you to let you know that you won via email. Make sure you enter & good luck! :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fyrinnae Eyeshadow Swatches (PIC HEAVY)

I know I have been doing A LOT of swatches, there is good reasoning. The medicine that I was on caused my skin to go absolutely haywire! It is SO dry & cracked, plus i have cystic pimples all over (a side effect of 2 medicines.)
 These are all of the eye shadows that I recently purchased from Fyrinnae. It took me forever to figure out which swatches were which!
All swatches are done dry first & then with Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy.
1. Knickers in a Twist - This shade is a deep taupe with subtle bronze shimmer.
2. Newcastle - Sparkly, deep antique bronze-gold.
3. Dinosaur Plushie - A flamboyant, eclectic dinosaur covered in glitter, perhaps. Name is unrelated to shade... as usual. Dinosaur Plushie is filled with multi-colored sparkle, some of which can change hue in different light. Transparent over most primers or applied dry (don't apply this dry unless you're going for that all-over disco queen look), but over sticky base, like Pixie Epoxy, it is gleaming pale metallic with many flashes of colours. Replaces our old shade Equality (and Mischief Makers), but Dino is much more sparkling & multi-dimensional
4. Envy Me - Soft tan-taupe with a subtle green sheen.
5. Sacred -  Not gold, this shade is a light, gleaming truly metallic taupe. It does lean warm, but is suitable for many skin tones. Contains very little mica to retain a metallic sheen without sparkle or matte appearance.
6. Rapunzel Has Extensions - Pale Pink with a stunning brilliant light gold highlight.
7. Mischievous Sidhe - Brilliant, glittering, shining, semi-metallic gold. Yellow & rich like real 24 karat, with no beige or bronze hues. Appears to be a mustard shade in the jar, but is metallic and sparkling once applied. Sidhe is pronounced "shee".
8. Lucky Charmed - Lush, metallic golden green with a touch of green sparkle throughout.
9. Bonfire Spirits - Smoldering warm red and a touch of chartreuse mingle in deep base. The green appears more blue at an angle or with light changes. Somewhat of a "vampy" earth tone.
10. Polar Bear - Pale gold, shimmery and soft (brilliant gold when the light hits it, but not yellow). Like the hue of a polar bear's fur in the summer. 
11. Gilded Wings - Intense, saturated metallic bronze-gold. Glimmering, gleaming and rich.
12. Dressed To Kill - Glimmering, glowing gilded green with flashes of gold and green sparkle. (Not Lip Safe)
13. Witchy Woodland Creatures - Glimmering, multi- faceted cocoa taupe. Shades of copper and silver, with hints of  pink, gold and green shimmer on a neutral taupe-brown base make this shadow suitable for a wide range of skin tones.
14. Nijiro - Ivory with rainbow sparkles.
15. Kurisumasu! - Versatile satiny rosy beige shade with flashes of sparkle. Great for a highlight or all over basic shade that can suit many skin tones. 
Hope you like them! 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wet N Wild Shimmer the Night Away

Ah yes, the last of the Wet N Wild palettes! This is  "Shimmer The Night Away" & was the hardest for me to get a hold of! I originally went to Kmart, they had one left but the blue eye shadow was crushed. So I went to Save-Mart & purchased it. I believe it was $4.99. I like this palette but out of the 3 I have picked up over the last month or so, this is my least favorite. It's not anything to do with the palette itself, just that the colors aren't ones I will wear often. 
The Left Side:
Brow Bone - Shimmery White
Eyelid - Metallic Silver
Crease - Charcoal Grey
Definer - Black with Silver Sparkle (Dupe of MAC Black Tied)
(I swatched these with 1 layer & my finger!) I adore the silver, super pigmented!
The Right Side:
Brow Bone - Light Shimmery Lilac
Eyelid - Bright Fuchsia with Purple Sparkle
Crease - Dusty Purple
Definer - Bright Blue with Sparkle
Again, I like this palette but I just don't see myself using this as often as the others. The colors are super pigmented & for $4.99 you can't pass it up!

Monday, January 21, 2013

BFTE Swatches Part 3 (Blues/Greens/Glitter)

Today, I have the last of the BFTE Swatches and the just so happen to be my favorites! Also, I want to apologize for not getting these done sooner, I have been taking steroids to take care of shingles that I found out I had a week ago & I have been in zombie mood. 
Anyways, I wanted to post these today while I have some time on my hands. 
They are all swatched dry first & then with BFTE Mix & Fix Sealant.
Top row from left to right (I'll provide BFTE descriptions if available).
Gun Metal (no description available) - Lighter, bright shimmery silver. Not a lot of sparkle.
Spellbound - Dark shimmery blue between a royal and navy blue.
Caribbean - Teal with shimmer.
Paradise - Light baby blue with a velvet front finish.
Sour (Free sample, not pictured in line up) - Bright, shimmery grass green.
Cocoa - Dark neutral toned brown with silver shimmer (FAVORITE!)
Meteor Shower - Black with a myriad of rainbow glitter reflects. Great as a liner or for a rocker eye. (FAVORITE!)
Gable (no description available) -  A chocolate brown with gold shimmer.
Secret Garden - Olive green with bronze undertones and golden glimmers
Wicked - Grey-toned purple with green shimmer.
I adore Meteor Shower & Gable! Look at those colors!

A better view of Gable, Secret Garden & Wicked. Plus you can really see the shimmer in Cocoa!
Let me know what you think! :)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

BFTE Swatches Part 2 (Pinks/Purples)

Whoa, two blog posts in one day, I am on a ROLL! Haha, in all honesty, I am just really excited to show you all these BFTE swatches. (You think these are amazing? Wait until you see the Blues/Greens & Glitters!!)
These are all swatched dry first & then with BFTE Mix & Fix Sealant.
Top Row from left to right (I'll provide BFTE descriptions if available):
Livid (no description available) - Dark Burgundy Purple, truly comes alive when foiled
Foxy (no description available) - Pinky peach, when foiled takes on an aqua shimmer
End of Times (no description available) - Orange pink when dry, gorgeous shimmery coral when foiled
Isis- Low shimmer blackened blood red with red bronze undertones.
I think that these colors truly look best foiled!
Big Ego - Rich, deep dark royal purple with subtle shimmer (One of my favorites!)
Cure - Rosy mauve pink with pink & gold glimmers
Vamp - Deep Wine red with copper sparkles. (LOVE!)
I love purples, reds & pinks. They tend to suit my skin tone & bring out my green eyes. I can't wait to play around with these!

Wet N Wild Sparkle Til Morning Palette (With Look!)

I thought I'd show you another Wet N Wild Palette that I picked up a few weeks back. This is "Sparkle Til Morning" & it happens to be my favorite out of the last three I picked up. I adore teals & blues (even though I rarely wear them!) so as soon as I saw that gorgeous shimmery teal, I knew I had to have this. I got this at Savemart for $4.99. I always love these palettes, they are cheap & easy to carry with you. Plus, if you use a good primer they last all day, even on oily eyelids. 
I love the colors in this one, I'm always a sucker for browns & neutrals.  And these all have shimmer..
Left Side:
Browbone - Light gold
Eyelid - Light golden tan
Crease - Burnt Orange
Definer - Bright teal
This is the left side swatched with just one swipe of my finger. I think they are very pigmented for being a cheaper product. I travel with this that way I wouldn't  have to carry my MAC 15 palette, plus it has a good range of neutrals.
Right Side:
Browbone - Light pinky peach
Eyelid - Lighter bronze
Crease - Medium brown
Definer - Chocolate brown
The browbone color is fabulous on the right side. It's a gorgeous light pink-peach tone. I also love the darker definer brown which is a rich chocolate with shimmer.
Of course, since I loved the teal I had to use that. I did my usual routine, I use Urban Decay Primer Potion as a primer with cheaper shadows but I do switch back & forth between that & Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I like both a lot, I just feel that UDPP gives longer lasting power with certain shadows. If I know I will be at work for 10+ hours or doing a video shoot, I ALWAYS use UDPP instead of Shadow Insurance. But don't get me wrong, they both work great! The look below is done with the second color on the right ( a golden tan) on my entire eyelid & the teal in my crease. I used the first (brow bone color- light shimmery peachy pink)  on the left for my highlight & brow bone. I also used my new favorite blush called Enchant by Fyrinnae with this look. You can see the original post here.
Sorry it's a rather short post, I didn't sleep much last night & I am super tired! 
Leave comments & thanks for stopping by! 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

BFTE Swatches Part 1 (Neutrals/Browns)

Yay, I am so excited to share the BFTE Swatches with you! I figured I would start with the neutrals/browns. I will use the descriptions from BFTE website if they have one available.
I applied each color dry & each color with Mix & Fix (mixing medium) right next to it.
 Autumn- Smooth metallic bright warm gold. Truly a must have!
Bubbly- (No Description on site) It's a very peachy metallic gold but no sparkles!
Riddle - Light sheer bronze with a green shift. (LOVE!)
Heat - Super smooth and pigmented shimmery warm tan with cool shimmer. Looks like liquid metal in the jar.
Swatches above are the first row on top.
Bottom Row:
Baked- (No description on the website) It's a lighter shimmery golden tan, I love this color!
Linen- (No description on the website) Matte white.
Honey- Glittery light gold brown. (One of my favorites!)
Beautiful- Don't be fooled with how this butter yellow color looks in the pot, Applied wet an interesting and unique pink duo pops out.
I love Honey, it's gorgeous in the pan & I love it dry & foiled. Such an amazing color!Look at those sparkles!
I've got 2 more post of swatches coming up! :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

BFTE Cosmetics (PIC HEAVY)

BFTE Cosmetics (Beauty From The Earth) had a sample sale 2 weekends ago (I think?), every sample was half off & they were a $1 a piece. I have never purchased from them before but I thought that this would be the perfect time to give them a try. First, they have a HUGE selection of colors, it was so hard to choose (my hubby gave me a $30 budget!) but after browsing the website & their Facebook I placed my order. I placed my order on 1/5/13 & received it on 1/11/13. They are in KS & I live pretty far in PA, so that is exceptionally fast shipping (especially through USPS). 
I was like a kid on Christmas opening the package, everything came neatly wrapped in bubble wrap & glittery tissue paper (which my cat destroyed). The samples were in a plastic baggie & wrapped tightly).
 I thought this was really great customer service. Usually when a company is out of stock they will contact you & ask about a refund or exchange. They so kindly sent 3 samples in place of Errai which was out of stock. All three of these colors are so gorgeous. I thought this was a really nice gesture & will continue to order from BFTE in the future! 
I tired to group them as closely as possible & I have swatched each color in a few posts that I have coming in the next few days.
I'll start with blues/greens & glitters:
(Starting at the top from left to right) 
Gun Metal, Spellbound, Caribbean & Paradise
Bottom Row:
Cocoa, Meteor Shower, Gable, Secret Garden & Wicked
Pinks/Purples & Reds
Top Row:
Livid, Foxy, End of Times & Isis
Bottom Row:
Big Ego, Cure & Vamp
Top Row:
Autumn, Bubbly, Riddle & Heat
Bottom Row:
Baked, Linen, Honey & Beautiful
Plus, a complimentary sample of Sour.
And a few closeups of my favorites:
Honey- this color is gorgeous!
Meteor Shower & Gable are both amazing!
I have all colors swatched & ready to show over the next few days. You think they are pretty in the pan? Wait, til you see them in the swatches!
Also, I wanted to give you an update, I have been feeling a little crappy lately. I have 5 medicines that I am taking & they all make extremely tired & grumpy. I absolutely hate the steroids I'm on but I have been tapering down & have 4 more days of the 2 worst medicines. They make my skin/eyes & mouth very dry & my stomach hurt. I have no appetite & just want to sleep all day (which I can't because I work full time). But compared to the pain & itching, I'll take the medicine!
I hope you guys have a great night!