Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekly Weigh In - Week 4

First off, Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to everyone who served our country & to the people that gave their lives for our freedom!
I was a little scared to weigh in because I've been terrible 3 out of 7 days, but to my surprise I'm only up .4 of a pound. I'd love to be down but I expected to weigh in at like 160! I'm pretty sure the only thing that has saved me is eating all 8 servings of fruits & vegetables, drinking 10 glasses of water a day & exercise.
I'm only human & I have to learn to not be so hard on myself when i overeat. I get really upset & guilty, but out of 30 days I ate healthy & stayed within my calories 25 days.
For the month of May, I have lost a total of 6.4 pounds!
I'm going to a family cookout today so I decided to give myself a free day (I've already had too many this month but I'm going to eat healthy til June 18 without another one). My work is taking everyone on a formal cruise June 18th so that will be my next free day & after that July 4th.
My goal for the month of June is 7 pounds. That's a little less than 1.5 pounds a week.
I'll be sure to keep you updated with weigh in's every Monday!
Have a great day!


  1. Good to read you didn't put too much weight back on. I weighed myself too and was up slightly. Let's see if we can both do good this week. Keep up the hard work.

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  3. Congrats on the weight loss! I'm there with you, want to drop 5 before the "real" summer:-)

  4. Hi, Krystle! Nice to meet you.

    I love your blog. You have terrific makeup skills and the content of your posts is interesting. I look forward to following you.

  5. Congratulations on the weight loss. It is hard but so worth it to trim down. Honestly though you are beautiful as you are and I think that your current weight is wonderful. But I understand the need to be the best we can be.

    Also, I really wanted to say thank you for your comment to my marriage post. It was very sweet and meant a lot to me. So Thank you Krystle.

  6. congratulations on your weight loss! thank you for following me, i'm now following back :) really liking the look of your posts so far!

  7. Wow you have lost so much thus far, congrats! :)

    The Cat Hag

  8. That is such an awesome goal you've set for yourself! I wish you the best in your journey! I'm looking to lose around the same amount for the month of June as well :)