Thursday, May 19, 2011

Things I Dislike..

I planned on showing you a FOTD but I went tanning last night & I look like a lobster. My face & chest are SUPER red.
Instead, I'll be showing you a few of my pet peeves!
1. Dreadful Makeup
Seriously, are you touring with the circus? I hate when it looks like someone got gang banged by Crayola!

2. Dirty Nails
There is no way someone would touch me with those dirty ass nails. WASH YOUR EFFING HANDS!
3. Feather Hair Extensions / Ke$ha
I thought the feather extensions were okay until I saw the price tag. There like $100. It better be the feather of a bald eagle for that price! I can't stand Ke$ha. Her songs are all auto tuned & she's terrible live. Plus, her lyrics are too catchy & I'll be singing them in my sleep.

4. Harem Pants
I know this has been a big trend & I have seen a few that I actually like BUT if you look like you have a giant load in your pants, you should rethink your outfit. (Why is the crotch so ginormous on these!?)

5. Cropped Top with Bare Belly
I love cropped tops that are worn correctly. If you look like you belong it a gentleman's club & you are in public, you should go home & change. (PS - I love Camilla Belle & her body is smoking, but too much belly for evening!)

Please don't take any offense to these, these are MY personal thoughts & opinions!
(All images are from Google.)
What do you dislike right now!?



  1. I enjoyed reading this! I hate seeing people with dirty nails...your never too far from a sink!

  2. Nice post, I like funny posts like this.