Friday, May 4, 2012

I finally did it...

I finally bought a new camera today & I cannot wait to receive it in the mail! I've been lusting over a Canon Rebel & I finally decided to take the jump & just buy it. HSN is having a special event where if you use their credit card, you get 0% interest for 9 months! After browsing for a few days, I ordered it.  I'll be able to show makeup looks & get my portfolio together! It was a little expensive, but I figure it will be totally worth it! I should have it within the next week & I already have 3 posts ready to go!

So, I have  wedding makeup for tomorrow & a photo shoot for a salon at Sunday. Here's what I packed! I always over pack but I don't want to not have something! I packed my Dinair Airbrush Kit (I will be reviewing this), a few lip glosses, makeup remover, Dinair cleaner, brushes, Wet N Wild palettes & 2 eyeshadow palettes, a lip gloss palette & a blush palette.
I'll be postig a lot more when I get my new camera! YAY!
Have a great night!