Friday, May 25, 2012

Glamour Doll Eyes Swatches Pt. 3

Another round of Glamour Doll Eyes Swatches! I think I have 1 more left after this post. 
In no particular order, here is:
Juicy Mango
Dirty Jeans
Pistol Pistol
Ladies Night
He Loves Me Not
Juicy Mango:
What GDE says:  Juicy Mango is a medium shimmer orange with pink afterglow when rubbed down.
My Thoughts: I'm weird about oranges, I typically don't buy or wear  much orange. I tend to stick with cooler colors, but this came in the "Art Deco" Collection & I'm glad! When it's dry it's a super sheer bright orange, but when foiled it becomes a shimmery baby pink. Super gorgeous!

Dirty Jeans:
What GDE says: Dirty Jeans* is teal green and rubs into green-blue with golden hues. 
My Thoughts: When dry, this is a light shimmery blue. When foiled, Oh my gawddd it becomes a beautiful blue with a golden shimmer. 

Pistol Pistol:
What GDE says: Pistol Pistol is a blackened silver (almost gunmetal) with multi colored shimmer, but mainly red shimmer! 
My Thoughts: I love this color so much! When it's dry, it is a gorgeous silver grey. When foiled, it has a pinkish tone.
Ladies Night:
What GDE says: Ladies Night is a beautiful matte black with a hint of aqua glitter!
My Thoughts: I almost didn't get this color, but I am so glad that I picked it because it just so happens to be my FAVORITE of the entire bunch.  I had to show a picture of the actually color. It's black with super bright teal shimmer, but when it's foiled it is matte & super dark. I really LOVE this color. (You can see what it truly looks like below!)
What GDE says: Phyrra (pronounced fear-ah) is hot pink with aqua sparkles. The picture doesn't even do this color justice, its truly gorgeous! 
My Thoughts: When this color is dry it's very sheer with a lot of shimmer. I love it foiled because it's a fushia with blue shimmer.

He Loves Me Not:
What GDE says: He Loves Me Not* is a neutral beige with some warm rose undertones. 
My Thoughts: You just can't have enough neutral browns. And this is a gorgeous warm brown. When foiled it almost has a pink tint to it. 
I haven't had much time to play around with these yet, but I have Sunday & Monday off! Hopefully, I get a chance to create something fun!  Also, Glamour Doll Eyes featured me on their website under "How-To" section, you can check it out here!
 Have a GREAT holiday weekend!

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  1. Super gorgeous! He Loves Me Not is my favourite! I would love it if you checked out my blog! x