Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Glamour Doll Eyes Swatches Pt. 1

I have swatched all of the Glamour Doll Eyes samples that I received, so over the next few days I will be posting them. If you are anything like me, I research things like crazy before purchasing, so hopefully this will be helpful! I have them in no particular order.
So here is:
Graves in May
Lovers Lane
Grease Lightning
Graves in May:
What GDE says: Graves in May is a grey with pink undertones and multi colored shimmer.
My Thoughts: It looks like a muted pink grey with lots of shimmer. When dry it goes on pretty sheer, wet gives it more of a grey appearance.
Lovers Lane:
What GDE says: Lovers Lane* is a deep, red, metallic color.
My Thoughts: When applied dry, it has almost a brown color appearance. I absolutely love this color when foiled, it's a gorgeous copper red.
What GDE says: Mingles* is flat, matte, blue pigment.
My Thoughts: Holy Cow, this color is amazing. It's a very matte royal blue, it's a little hard to blend dry but the color payoff when foiled is killer!
What GDE says:  Oddity is a very unique blend of shimmer and matte
My Thoughts:  Dry this color is a very sheer lime green with yellow shimmer. When it is applied wet is gets almost lime green with a golden shimmer.
Grease Lightning:
What  GDE says: Grease Lightning* is metallic green/gold with a black undertone.
My Thoughts: Dry, it's a very dark gold with a hint of green. When it's wet, it really shows the black undertone. It's almost green as apposed to gold also.
 I used my homemade mixing medium (3 parts water, 1 part glycerin) to foil all of the eye shadows. Using them dry can be a task sometimes because you really have to pack the color on & they can be a little tough to blend. But if you take the time to work with them, the final result is worth it!
Have a great night!