Saturday, May 12, 2012

Glamour Doll Eyes Pt. 2

As promised, here are the colors from Glamour Doll Eyes in their jars. I will be swatching them fairly soon. (If you click on the pictures you can enlarge them & get a better view!)
This is the "Art Deco Collection". (Left to Right) Phyrra, Juicy Mango, Pistol Pistol, Oddity, Tattooed & Island Chic. Favorite of this bunch has to be Pistol Pistol, it's got the most amazing flecks of color.
 This is the "All Work No Play Collection", Dirty Jeans, Chocoholic, Show Off, He Loves Me Not, Boyfriend Sweater & Bare Naked. Winner from this group is Chocoholic. I'm a sucker for rich browns!
I bought these 3 individually. Glam Girl, Dino Spotz & Mingles.  I love Dino Spotz & Mingles SO much!
 This is the "Jessica Harlow Collection", Disco Whie, Ladies Night & Shamrock. My favorite is a toss up between Ladies Night & Shamrock.
 I bought these individually. Lover's Lane, Graves In May & Grease Lightning. Favorite is definitely Lover's Lane. 
 And my favorite of all of them? DINO SPOTZ! It's douchrome, so sometimes it looks brown,others green & even a bit blue. The left one is dry & the right was mixed with a little water. It reminds me of MAC Club, just much richer in color. 
Have you tried any of these eye shadows?
Let me know what  you think!


  1. They all look like amazing pigments:) But they are a bit to meessy for me