Saturday, May 12, 2012

Glamour Doll Eyes

Alright, so I have been on a little bit of a shopping frenzy. I did a wedding last weekend & I used the money to buy some goodies for my makeup kit. I heard about this company called Glamour Doll Eyes on a few blogs & I decided to do some lurking. They have so many awesome colors, so it took me like 5 days just to decide on what I wanted to buy.  
I was so impressed with how fast I received the products! Plus they sent me 2 FREE samples & free shipping! I also have to mention how nicely packaged everything was. The eye shadows were sealed (and I only ordered small samples in jars), packed in Ziploc baggies & bubble wrapped. 
Here is everything I received. I ordered 21 sample jars for $2.50 each. Which is an absolute steal because these colors are awesome!
 These are the 2 free samples I received: Girlfriend Sweater & Blueberry Lush. I almost ordered Blueberry Lush but I had ordered another blue instead so I am happy I got it as a sample!
 This is a set called "Art Deco". I was planning on ordering Oddity & Pistol Pistol, so I just got the set. 
 This is another set called "All Work No Play ". I was just going to buy Chocoholic, but they show you the swatches on their website & I fell in love with Show Off & Bare Naked!
 I order the top 3 & bottom 3 I ordered individually. The middle row is the "Jessica Harlow Collection" . I can't get over Mingles & Dino Spotz. They are so amazing. I'll be adding pictures of the colors in just a few minutes!
I am seriously in awe of the colors I received. The are so pigmented & gorgeous. I will be ordering more products shortly from Glamour Doll Eyes.
(Also, I got me new camera & Dustin works all night so I'll be swatching everything I own!)

* I  purchased these products on my own *

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