Thursday, July 21, 2011

We're Moving!

I'm so happy! We got a townhouse that's 7 miles from my work! I'm super excited, our move in date is 9/23. I'll be able to set up a vanity in the second bedroom, as well as an elliptical. Plus, there's a gym in walking distance!
Here's the floor plan:

Also, I want to have a giveaway but I'm not really sure what to give away!
What are some things you would love to receive in a giveaway?



  1. Very nice layout. Wish I could afford something like that but here in Seattle that floor plan is close to $1,500 a month =[

  2. Wow, great layout. I wish hubby and I could move to a 2 bdrm place so we have more space. Oh wells. Haha.

  3. Hey great news, congratulations. See, your followers were right, something else did come along. Good luck with the moving.

  4. How exciting! Congrats! Love your blog! Hey will you check out mine? If you'd follow I'd be happy to return the favor! Thanks so much! Happy blogging!

  5. I would love eye liner and eyeshadow! Congratulations on the new has an awesome layout!

  6. congrats on the move(:
    for a giveaway i think the best thing is to include things you love & have boasted on your blog, thats what im going to do when i get to doing one lol(:
    hope i helped

    <3 BB