Saturday, July 9, 2011

Holy Mail!

You've got mail?
Yes, all of this was jammed in my mail box today! I was so excited to open the packages!! I got my "South Beach Diet" book, 2 "Eat This, Not That" Books (one for the supermarket & one for dining out..) I have to admit that these books are amazing & so full of awesome information! The dress has a retail tag for $49.95, i got it on EBay for $13.99. It's a yellow based floral pattern on a silky fabric with an awesome exposed zipper in the front. I love good deals on clothes!! I got 4 new magazines (YAY) & even better Cosmo has Kim K on the cover & Shape has Audrina. Love them!
I've had a rough week full of stress & my boo brought me my favorite dinner.. SUSHI! I've been craving sushi so bad & he knew so he surprised me! How cute!?


  1. I love your post, you remind me of myself so much ehhe

  2. o0o, I love cosmopolitan and sushi! Lol. Great combo.

  3. Uuugghh. Sooooo jealous! I love getting fun things in the mail. That dress is super adorable too!!

  4. I just bought that issue of cosmo today too, haha! And that dress is to die for! Sushi is wonderful, though there aren't any good places around where I live. Laaaame. Hope you're having a great week! <3

  5. I checked out "Eat This, Not That" from my library for like three months. I lost at least 25lbs during that time. I worked on my feet for 8hrs a day, constantly walking or jogging and that was my only exercise.

    That dress is fab =]

  6. i have the south beach diet book, i was never able to follow it :( but ive never heard of eat this, not that. im totally gonna check it out!