Thursday, July 28, 2011

My week!

It's been crazy around here & we had a heat wave. It hit 105 degrees. I swear, it was so hot I felt like I was melting.
Here's a few pictures from the week!:
My new favorite liner: NYX Studio Liner in Extreme Blue. Can you say amazing!?
I love this liner!!

This is a Sheetz Cookies & Cream Iced Milkshake. I am absolutely obsessed with them. Although I'm certain they have a ton of calories, they are so freaking good!
Yes, that says 108 degrees. It was so hot all last week, the hottest it's been all year. I'm all for
warm weather but OMG, it was like a slap in the face as soon as you walked outside. I'm sorry about the lack of posts, I've been crazy busy!


  1. the liner looks really good on you!

  2. I love the eye liner colour. I see you have a matching blue nostril too, cool.

  3. That liner looks great on you. I've never tried any color except black; you've inspired me.

  4. That eyeliner looks fantastic on you! I really like your blog, following you now! I hope you'll follow mine too =) Ciao from Italy!

  5. Thanks everyone! I never thought blue looked good on me, but I am loving this liner SO much!!!

  6. It's been so hot here in Arizona too :/ I love your blue eyeliner! I recently bought one by Hard Candy! I tried to delete my other comment, I said that I was a new follower, but I have actually been following you for a while, sorry! =D