Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturdays are for SHOPPING!

Nothing makes me feel better after a long week than some retail therapy!!
Forever 21:
Yes, I love this store. I could buy everything in there if I had the money! I picked up a black & pink 3/4 lace sleeve top. You can never go wrong with basic shirts. They were $6.50 each. The floral "dress" was $11.50. I have to wear it as a shirt because it doesn't cover my butt (like most of there dresses!) Ah, the joys of being tall. I also got Love & Beauty Gold Perfume. It was $12.80. I have the regular Love & Beauty perfume , but this one smells so much different. More of a musky scent than a floral scent. It smells so good! I have sunken to a new low. I bought panties to avoid doing laundry!! I've lived in my apartment for 13 months & I have done laundry twice. Yep. 2 times. I have so many clothes it's crazy. But I am slowly running out of bras and panties so I'll have to actually do it. BOO! These are from Charlotte Russe. 5 pairs for $10.50 which is great when Victoria's Secret isn't having a sale! I also picked up Refuge Nights perfume. I have Charlotte's regular perfume (which I love & get tons of compliments on) but this one has a really nice scent. I can smell a touch a vanilla in it. It was $10.50 (steal) and I'm sure I'll be wearing it pretty often.
I love Burlington. The romper on the left was $9.99 & I feel in love with it but they only had a medium & an XL so I picked up the medium. I was certain I would have to return it, but it fits! This is the first one I have purchased and I am so glad I bought it! I bought the shoes to match it for $7.99. The next shirt (middle) is see through from the bust down but it's super feminine & would be great to wear out or just to work. Plus, it's got ruffles & a really nice pattern. I paid $7.98 for it. Last, I got this black and white tunic shirt (with a belt). I adore the buttons, they are rhinestones! It was $9.99.
I used to love Wet Seal, but I'm finding it harder to buy stuff from there (unless it's on sale). The jeans were $10 and they are tall so I can wear them with heels & I don't have to worry they'll be too short. You can never have enough sunglasses & for $3 each I couldn't resist. I also picked up this leopard tube top (which I also have in pastel colors) for $7.80. I love the other one so I thought this would be great to have also!
So, that's what I spent today doing. I hope you like what I got!
Where do you love to shop?


  1. Nice spend. I love your tops, especially the pink one.

  2. Haha nice haul! I love the 5 panties for $10.50 deal at CR! I don't think ours had that.. Well now I have to go check! Lol.

  3. wow you got lots of stuff for amazing prices!!

  4. Wow! I love your haul and I also love Forever 21!!! :)

  5. I'm from the UK - so there's like 1 forever 21 store in the whole of the country. Gutted I can't shop there! Thanks for following, now following back

  6. thanks for following me! :) cute blog!

  7. glad to know i'm not the only one obsessed with forever 21 :) it seems like i can't keep a paycheck for longer than a week before i spend it!