Sunday, July 17, 2011

Good Food, Good Clothes!

I met Dustin at the mall for lunch and I was so excited because he wanted to go to my favorite mall restaurant, Qdoba! Seriously, I shouldn't be eating this but it's SO good. I always get a "naked" (no burrito) Queso Burrito with rice, pinto beans, salsa verde, queso sauce, sour cream & cheeses. I love it so much!!! Haha sorry it looks like a bowl of vomit!
You know I don't go t the mall without buying some things! I got 5 pairs pf panties for $10.50 at Charlotte Russe, a lace tank & a lace shirt for $5 each.
I picked up a few things at Forever 21, a pair of jeans for $10.50, a one shoulder black and white striped shirt for $6.50, a red lace shouldered shirt (which I also have in pink & black) for $6.50 and a new eyelash curler for $2.80.
I love shopping deals!
Have a great night!


  1. cutest panties ever! i wish we had charlotte russe in canada :(

  2. Love your underwear. Ok That sounded disturbing lol. Great haul.
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  3. thank god there's forever 21! :)


  4. awesome shopping trip! I loved C R when I was on holiday last year, I also love Pink for undies. Such a shame we don't get them in the UK x