Thursday, June 30, 2011

Things I Wish I Had Right Now!

Here's my June/July Wish List!:
Temptu Airbrush Makeup-
Man, I wish I had $250 just laying around because I would LOVE to have this! I've wanted an airbrush makeup kit since I can remember, maybe if I am good this year Santa will bring it! (A BIG FAT NO! hahaha..)

Vintage Style Clothes-
I want this outfit. (I'd also love to have Katy's body & face, but I'll take what I was given!) I seriously love this dress! I have a feeling I'll be shopping for something close to this on Saturday!

I wish I had the money for this. It's like $300 a month which I can't see spending on prepacked food. But it did get rave reviews...

Two Faced Endless Summer Beauty Kit-
I'm going to have to buy this. It's at Sephora & pretty cheap (I forget how much but I want to say like $30?) I love everything in it!

Ikea Wardrobe Closet-
This would be great in my room outside my closet. My main focus is getting more organized & this could be just what I need! (after we move!)We're going to look at town houses in July & I'm really excited. There's one that is like 6 miles from my work, which would be AWESOME! I'm not getting my hopes up, but I am sure we'll find something that's perfect for us. All I care about is if it has a washer, dryer & dishwasher!! Keep your fingers crossed for us (but you know I'll keep you updated!).
Happy Thursday!


  1. i'm loving your wishlist! so could use ediets and the airbrush system


  2. love KP looks!
    :) she looks so stunning!
    nice post!
    we can follow each other...