Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Favorite "Diet" Foods

Hi Everyone!
I figured since it's just about summer & time to squeeze my booty into a bathing suit, I'd show you some of my favorite things to eat (and they help me stay within my daily calories!)
I grocery shop once every 2 weeks, however, I stop & get fresh produce once a week. I didn't show you all of the vegetables that I eat because they are kind of boring, but I always try to eat a salad a day with romaine lettuce, carrots, cucumber, alfalfa sprouts & light dressing.
Check Spelling*Lean Pockets Culinary Creations in Spinach, Artichoke & Chicken- These are so good for 260 calories & they work perfectly if I'm on the run or busy at work. I can just throw one in the microwave & 2 minutes later have something tasty to eat.
*Skinny Cow Ice Cream Truffles- OMG, these things are absolutely AMAZING. I have White Mint & Cookies N' Cream (pictured). I love ice cream & it was so hard for me to give up, the other day at the store these were on sale so I tried them. For 100-110 calories, you cannot beat these. I just hate that they are $5 a box!!!
*Weight Watchers Smart Ones- Another go to food. If I don't have time to pack lunch in the morning I grab one of these. I try to eat as little processed food as possible (it's high in sodium & expensive) but these are delicious & low in calories. My favorites are Slow Roaster Turkey & Mashed Potatoes, Lasagna Florentine & Macaroni & Cheese.
*Laughing Cow Light Cheeses- I love these paired with Reduced Fat Triscuits. Seriously, they are 35 calories. I love them on sandwiches, pretzels & english muffins. I've tried Garlic & Herb, French Onion & Queso Fresco, they are all fabulous!
*Fresh Strawberries- One of my favorite fruits! Can you beat red, ripe strawberries!? I'm so excited that I can start getting really good local produce!
*Planters NUTrition Bars in Bone Health- I try to stay away from nuts because they are a weakness & can't stick to one serving. These are 17o calories and worth it! They are honey roasted peanuts, cashews & almonds covered in a caramel sauce. Takes care of my sweet & salty craving!
*Oat Revolution Oatmeal in Maple & Brown Sugar- I Love this oatmeal, it's my favorite. It has 160 calories but keeps me full up until lunch. Plus, it's all natural & packed with fiber.
*Pop Secret 100 Calorie Pop popcorn & Kernel seasoning's in White Cheddar- This is perfect because I can't usually eat a whole bag of regular popcorn. These little bags are convenient & I love pairing them with the White Cheddar seasoning. The popcorn is 100 calories & the seasoning is 2 calories for 1/4 tablespoon (a little goes a LONG way!!)
*Progresso Soups- I love these soups, I try to get the reduced sodium ones but soup always fills me up & it's perfect with a salad. I've tried just about all of them & can't think of one I don't like!
*Oscar Meyer 98% Fat Free Wieners- These are turkey dogs with 40 calories each. Hot dogs are a favorite summer food for me, but they are so high in calories. I put these on a light bun with sauerkraut & mustard. Tastes just like a "real" hot dog!!
*Fresh Raspberries & Blueberries- Raspberries are my favorite fruit. I love to throw fruit & yogurt in the blender for a smoothie or make a parfait with some granola.
I hope you enjoyed this post!
Have you tried any low calorie goodies?


  1. Great post. I care a lot about health, so good nutrition is high on my list of priorities. Like you, I try to eat more fruit and veggies than the average person.

  2. In the summer I can't eat heavy stuff..I love fruits especially berries! That Oat Revolution is yummy!

    Thanks for the post