Sunday, June 19, 2011

Shopping Makes My World Go Around!

Happy Father's Day to all those wonderful Dad's out there!!
I've never been very close to my Dad but he's always worked his ass off so my brother & I had nice things growing up. He's a good person & as I get older I'm realizing more that even though he wasn't the most emotional or loving father he was always there for me. I stopped by to see him & mom today, even though it's 45 minutes away, it still feels like home. It's been a year since I moved out but when I go there it's like I never left at all.
I went shopping yeasterday & I got a little crazy. I had money since I get paid 3 times this month & all of my bills are paid.
I got the yellow floral shirt at Walmart for $1. I figured it'd be cute tucked into jeans with a red cardigan over it. Everything else is from Wet Seal. The lace camis were 2 for $12 (the back & ten are full lace, yellow & grey have lace at the top & bottom), sunglasses were 2 for $8,the nail polish was $1.50 & the jeans were $10 (I love them). Charlotte Russe had earrings & bracelets 3 for $10. I love long earrings and pearl bracelets!
Forever 21 is my favorite store. Seriously, I can't got there without dropping a huge chunk of change! The dresses were $14.50 each, the navy one is a floral lace top with a fitted black bottom, the other two are the same style. Both have stripes on the top & a light denim on the bottom. They are so cute!! I got a pair a jeans for $10.50 & a basic black tank for $2.80. The shirts with the ruffles on the sleeves are super summery & were $6.50 each. Then I got a knockoff Naked palette! For $6.80, it has 10 eye shadows, an eyeliner & a sponge applicator. They had smokey & natural so I picked up natural (although I plan on getting the other one as well!)
At Ross, I got this amazing maxi dress (which I wore on my work's dinner cruise.. pictures to come) for $14.99. I love the HUGE feather hair clip, it was $2.99 & I got this grey blue polish for $1.99.
Last but not least was Burlington! I got some much need bras, the strapless one was $5.99 & the brown & black were a set for $7.99. The clutch is XOXO, I also got this for last night's cruise, it was $9.99. The turquoise shoes were from EBay for $21.00 & they are amazing. The other 2 pairs are from Burlington, the were $5.99 each!
I love to shop & I'm such a bargain hunter!
have you purchased anything recently?


  1. A shirt for $1?!? What a steal! Great bargain hunting ;)

  2. wow! awesome stuff you got! I love your jeweleries. btw, I gave you an award! Check it out here:

  3. Ive awarded you with the versatile blogger award, check my recent post. Well done xx

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