Saturday, June 4, 2011

No Makeup & Delicious Dinner!

I've decided to show you all a side of me that you'll rarely see, I have not a speck of makeup on. The weather is been hot & since it's the weekend, it's kind of a waste for me. I really don't care about not wearing makeup, you have to be comfortable with yourself regardless. I have been tanning so I really don't wear anything but mascara most days since the heat typically melts everything off! (I sweat REALLY bad, with primer my face still tends to "melt"). I just wish I had decent eyebrows without makeup!!
Since I had today off, I made an awesome dinner. I got to eat all this taco salad & a Skinny Cow cookies & cream truffle bar for 555 calories!! It was lean ground beef (grass fed & organic) with taco seasoning, on top of romaine lettuce, with reduced fat cheese, salsa, fat free sour cream and 2 hard tacos on the side. It was so good!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!!

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  1. You're super pretty without makeup. Lucky you!