Sunday, August 28, 2011

My NYX Collection - NYX Round Lipsticks

I have quite a few NYX Round Lipsticks. I really like the variety of colors that they offer. I've swatched all of the NYX Round Lipsticks because they look very different on Cherry Culture than they do when you get them!
From right to Left:
Strawberry Milk - Baby Pink
Penelope - Black
Orange Soda - Peach Nude
Honey - Beige Nude
Hot Pink - Bright "Barbie" Pink
Circe - Beige Nude (very close to honey with more of a brown tone)
Louisiana - Muted Bright Pink
Chic Red - Bright Red
Fig - Beige Pink
Femme - Bright Orange Pink
Pumpkin Pie - Beige with a hint of Pink
Narcissus - Bright Baby Pink
Chaos - Blue Based Red
The packaging is sleek and perfect to throw in your purse. I also like that the bottom shows the color & the top have the label.
My favorites are : Pumpkin Pie (my go to daily lipstick), Chaos( perfect for vintage or pin up looks), Orange Soda (another great nude for daily wear) and Narcissus (my favorite with a dark smokey eye).
Let me know if you have any questions!
(PS: I hope everyone is safe after hurricane Irene, we had some fallen trees & crazy wind but no major damage. I saw that down south got hit hard with damage & flooding, keeping them in my thoughts.)


  1. How does the black lipstick stay on? Does it feather or fade quickly? I really want a black lipstick and the only one I tried was the Makeup Forever one, which looks awesome on, but it's 22$....

  2. i love the colour on all of them, not sure on the black one though, i like the nude lipstick on the second picture its sooo nice love your blog.

  3. thanks for following my blog :)

    omg for some reason I want that black lipstick!!! :p

  4. I'm loving Narcissus and Pumpkin Pie :)