Friday, August 19, 2011

Green Fun!

This is from Thursday, we had a consultation with our wedding photographer & I wanted something fun but not over the top. (By the way, we booked the photographers, they are a gay couple & I LOVE them!) I just used a green shadow with gold shimmer for the crease. I have a package from Cherry Culture coming tomorrow & I am WAY to excited. (I ordered more studio liners & matte cream lipgloss!)
Sorry about my regrowth, I really need to get my hair done!
Today is Day 5 of the South Beach Diet. Yesterday & today were rough, I didn't sleep last night & I'm PMSing. I seriously almost cried over food. I stayed on track & I'm down almost 5 pounds. That makes it worth it, plus I feel really great. It's just tough because I'm craving so much. I have 9 days left of Phase 1 & then I can eat some yummy whole grains! I'm so excited for a dippy egg with a piece of toast!
I hope you have a great day!


  1. You're very beautiful! :) like the makeup!

  2. Your makeup looks awesome! I'm excited you were able to find a photographer! =)