Saturday, August 13, 2011

LOTD + Some Randoms!

Hi everyone!
I hope you're enjoying your weekend! It's hot & humid here but I had to run some errands & my face is burnt to a crisp so I couldn't go without makeup! Thankfully, I can cover the burn fairly well with makeup, but it's so red!
So here's today's face!:
I used the E.L.F Beauty Book in Smoky Eye Edition & MAC Shroom for the shadows. The crease color is actually a burgundy purple with a little shimmer and then I finished it off with some black winged liner.
Wow, my eyes look super green here!
So, at the beach I had this amazing broccoli cheese soup & I had been craving it. I had all the ingredients so I decided to give it a go! It was soooo good. They called for 12 oz of frozen broccoli & 8 oz of cheese but I used 16 oz of broccoli & 12 oz of cheese. I used light Velveeta & Light Sharp Cheddar, along with fat free half & half. The recipe said to blend it but I like the broccoli chunky so I didn't. If you'd like the recipe, let me know!

I'm trying 2 new cleansers. Garnier "The Brusher" & L'Oreal "Go 360 Clean" in Deep Exfoliating Scrub (review below). I'll start with the Garnier The Brusher:

Smells Great
Has a gritty texture that works great for exfoliation
Leaves skin feeling clean & fresh
The bottle sucks! (my opinion)
You have use a lot in one washing
The brush stays attached so it is very bulky when your are trying to wash your face
It can be a little rough on sensitive skin
The Nitty Gritty (NO PUN INTENDED!):
I wouldn't buy this again. Not because of the product, but the bottle is terrible. If the brush could be used separately it would be an awesome buy! I purchased it for $5.97 (5oz) at Walmart and I picked the Combination Skin formula. The scrub itself works great, it smells nice & it does what it says. However, it is a gritty scrub and with the brush it can be a little abrasive (please keep in mind that my face is sun burnt & sensitive right now!) It's very bulky when you are trying to wash your face & you have to use more product because the scrubbers are long and the scrub builds up at the base.
L'Oreal Go 360 Clean Deep Exfoliating Scrub:
Smells amazing
Convenient packaging
Great for exfoliating
I really don't have any!
The Nitty Gritty:
I LOVE this scrub! It smells like grapefruit/orange and it works great. The exfoliator pops in & out of the bottle so it's easy if you are using it on the go. It was $4.97 for a 6 oz bottle at Walmart. I would repurchase this, it is super refreshing & doesn't dry my sensitive skin out. This would be a good alternative to Proactiv Cleanser which tends to make my skin break out after 4-5 weeks of use, so I like to switch it up.
I'll continue using both products & keep you updated on what I think!


  1. your soup look like it turned out great!! Was it yummy? Great post!!

  2. Your makeup always looks so good. And broccoli soup is the best.

  3. That soup looks amazing! I just joined blogger recently and found your blog. You're really pretty and your makeup looks really nice! I have so many memories of broccoli soup =) ha ha

    I'd appreciate it if you could take a peek at my blog too! But if not that's cool =)