Friday, September 21, 2012

MAC Foundation

I hope you are well.
I finally got the chance to try my new MAC products & I just wanted to tell you that I don't know how I ever lived without them. (See my original post here.) First thing is first, I have oily skin. I'm not talking about a shiny face, I'm saying like 10 minutes after I apply foundation & powder, my face is GREASY. And halfway through work? Forget it! It looks like I ran through a sprinkler!
I have tried ALMOST every foundation & concealer without any success. They usually just melt off & when I do video shoots at work it is way worse from the lights. As mentioned before, I didn't initially purchase MAC foundations because there are no MAC stores close & I was afraid of purchasing the wrong shade. 
I am so glad I took the chance because the results are worth it. I started by applying 2 pumps of Pro Longwear Foundation in NC20. I used a damp makeup sponge because I'm weird about applying makeup with my hands. I just feel like even if I wash them 30 times there are still germs that will make my face gross & breakout.  One thing to mention is the foundation dries quickly so I usually do one side of my face & then the other. I do a stippling motion so it looks more blended & no streaking. I blend into my hairline but I do not apply foundation to my neck, only powder. 
 Next, I used Studio Fix Concealer in NC20 and a concealer brush from Bare Minerals and applied it under my eyes (I have serious dark circles) and on any blemishes that I have. This is a heavier concealer which scared me because I was afraid it would be cakey & would settle into the lines under my eyes. Luckily it doesn't & it blends really easily. Last, I use a powder brush to apply MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation in NC25. A little goes a long way, however this doesn't leave your skin looking cakey either. I use this on my neck to help even everything out & I set the concealer under my eyes with a little more than the rest of my face. I also have been applying my blush & setting it with this powder too. I use more blush than usual because this will help even it out & tone it down.
I went to re-powder my face & I didn't even need to! 8 hours later my face was still matte. It was amazing & I could have cried tears of joy! A coworker even asked me if I had airbrushed my skin that morning because it looked flawless. I was scared that heavier foundation, concealer & powder = breakouts but my skin is just fine. To be quite honest, I don't think I will even try other foundations because I am so happy with the result that I've been getting. 
Also, in the pictures I used NYX Frosted Lilac on my entire Lid, NYX Red Bean Pie in the crease & MAC Shroom as my highlight. NYX Pinched is the blush & lip color is NYX Whipped, everything else is same as always!
Have you tried MAC Foundations? Are there certain brands you prefer?


  1. Such a gorgeous look!, I need to find some good pinks!!

  2. Great post! :D Your blog is very cute!

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  4. wow! I have never worn mac before but it does look great! I am so glad that you took that risk!
    your blog is awesome and you are so beautiful!
    I can't wait to be back to see some more posts from you!
    have a great day!