Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fyrinnae Lip Lustre Swatches

I am so excited for the next few posts, I am swatching the Fyrinnae products that I received in the mail. I've decided to start with the 4 lip lustres that I purchased. I have swatched each on  my hand & on my lips, with flash & without flash.
This was the first time I ordered through Fyrinnae & I am really happy with my purchases. I got 2 full sized lip lustres & 2 sample sized. Fyrinnae says:

Fyrinnae's Lip Lustres are not like lipgloss. This product is a non-sticky lipcolour, leaving moisturising colour on your lips but no goopy tackiness. Most shades are made to be relatively opaque, though some can be applied lightly over lipstick as a highlight or over balm as a sheer tint. They are a rather "dry" product because we pack as much colour into them as possible, but the ingredients are not drying. This means, due to the high concentration of natural butters, they are thinner in a warm environment, thicker when it's cool. Use care when opening if they have been cold (i.e; in a mailbox in winter). They are filled hot, then the product cools, hardening, the moment the tubes are filled, so they may have the appearance of cracks or tiny lines of air. Lustres have a light vanilla scent.
8ml, with a flocked doe-foot wand applicator. (10ml size tube, same as our Pixie Epoxy, 8ml product capacity. Capacity is slightly lower due to the viscous nature of the Lustres). 
Trial size is a tiny version of the large tube with the same style applicator, and holds 1.5 ml, enough for about 3-5 applications. The Trial size applicator doesn't give as good coverage as the larger size, so opacity on some shades may appear weaker with 1-2 coats.

Let me start by saying, these smell divine! It smells like vanilla frosting. And the color pay off is amazing. They are not like gloss at all. It's almost like a creamy, matte lipstick without the dryness. Below is Lollipop Pop, Visual Kei, Less Than Three & Diabolic Masquerade. I got full size Visual Kei & Lollipop Pop, and samples of Less Than Three & Diabolic Masquerade. 

The picture above is with a flash. This is very true to each color. The color below is without a flash.
Diabolic Masquerade- Fyrinnae Says: Dark, vampy, and perfect if you're tempted by black lipcolours, but don't want the harshness or grey tones. Diabolic Masquerade is black, but filled with subtle glowing red shimmer to offset the darkness. This can be applied over balm or gloss for a softer look.
 My Thoughts: Okay, this color is awful on me, which I figured. However, for a gothic or vampy look Halloween look, perfect! I see black but no red shimmer, it looks like poo brown on my lippies! I'm going to try it over red lipstick & see what that looks like. Trail size was $2. (Above: with flash; below without flash)
Less Than Three - Fyrinnae Says: Less Than Three is a bright lilac-pink matte, similar to Fanservice in depth and finish. 
My Thoughts: I'm sad I only got the sample of this color because it's my favorite of the bunch & I will be purchasing the full size. It's such a gorgeous lilac pink. It is matte with no shimmer & opaque. This is just 1 coat!
Visual Kei - Fyrinnae says: Visual Kei is a rather bright pink, nearly matte, with a very slight shimmer.
 My Thoughts: I love this color too! It's almost red but such a gorgeous pink. It does has shimmer but not too much. I will be wearing this often!

 Lollipop-Pop - Fyrinnae says: Lollipop-Pop is a fun vibrant light pink with a blue highlight. 
 My Thoughts: I thought this would be my favorite but think it's too close to my natural lip color. It's not as "Barbie" pink as I would like (think NYX Mega Shine Gloss in Dolly Pink or Beige!) but I'll keep it in my purse as a back up. Full size are $6.
 If you think the lip lustres rock, wait until you see the shadows! Oh my gawd, you have no idea how amazing they are! 

Have you tried Fyrinnae? What are your favorites!?


  1. Love them all except for the darkest shade!! Don't think I could pull that one off lol!!

  2. Oooo la la I love them all!!!
    I followed GFC, follow back?