Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Weigh In

Happy Monday!

I woke up late, so I did a very natural eye. I used the knock off Naked palette from Forever 21. I've been using the Maybelline Ultra Liner in Brown a lot lately. I like the brush better, it's smaller & you can make a super thin cat eye with it. It's a really rich chocolate brown color, and the consistency is alright. It's a little watery for me but it dries super quick.

I used gold on the lid with a burgundy on the crease.
So, I don't understand weight loss. I have eaten healthy & worked out everyday & I was at the same weight. I didn't work out Saturday (well, we went bowling but didn't get cardio in) & we had a Super Bowl party yesterday & I ate so bad. Lots of buffalo chicken dip, taco dip & chips. We played Dance Central for Kinect with our friends but again, no time for cardio. How the hell did I weigh in at 155? I'm not complaining, but wow. I literally did a happy dance in the bathroom today! I do know why I don't eat junk food though, i had a terrible stomach ache, my face broke out & I feel so sluggish. I was glad to have my green smoothie & healthy food today!

My birthday is Saturday & my amazing future hubby surprised me with this gorgeous white & black diamond heart necklace. He's such a great guy!

I hope you have a wonderful night!


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  1. It sounds somewhat like a plateau. You might want to step up the intensity of your workouts for more weight loss.

    If you have an Iphone or Anroid offers a really great app for tracking food, fitness and even had an area for your goal. Say you want to lose 10 lbs in a month - you enter your current weight, you're goal weight and when you want to reach it by. Based on that info they will calculate a calorie intake (for example it's usually something like 1300 - 1600 calories per day) and you need to burn X amount of calories per day to reach that goal by the goal date. I hope I made sense lol