Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Weigh In


I hope you guys had a great week.

So I've been eating healthy & working out.. can someone please tell me why I am at the exact same weight as last week!? I hate weeks like this because it feels like all the hard work is doing nothing. I've been doing really well, I did have one cheat day but nothing serious. Just a few 100 calories over. I've also been getting up earlier & getting a workout in before I go to work & then another workout in the evening. I'm starting with 15-20 minutes each session & I'd like to work up to 45 minutes each session. Guess I'll just have to keep on keeping on!

So I am officially obsessed with my green smoothies! I actually crave them at night when I am lying in bed! I've been playing around with flavors & this is my current favorite. Light OJ, water, frozen peaches, spinach, banana, strawberry, raspberry & blueberry!

It looks like slimy pond water! Once you get past the gross appearance it is heaven! I used a small E.L.F palette that I got around Christmas for my eyes. It's a light teal & a dark tel with MAC Shroom on the entire lid.

Look how long my hair is! Disregard the regrowth.. my birthday is coming up & I'm waiting to get it done! :)

Have a lovely day!


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