Sunday, February 19, 2012

Makeup Haul!

I saw these Wet N Wild palette's at Giant for $5.99 each & I really wanted them but I could not decide which one to buy so I passed on both. Thank goodness because I found them at Savemart for $3.99 each! Since I couldn't decide which to choose, I got both of the one's I had been looking at! I also had the chance to grab one of the new Maybelline Color Tattoo. They were out of stock on a lot of them so I picked Pomegranate Punk. I want to get a few more the next time I am out. I also needed a new eyelash curler because mine is pretty much done.

This is the palette that grabbed my eye first. Blue is one of my favorite colors & this had so many awesome shades. I absolutely adore the pacific blue shade (second on the right), however I hate the last shade on the right. It is a black with chunky glitter. But the rest of the colors make up for it!

Oh, how I adore this palette, I love browns & I love greens & this is a perfect mix of both. Plus that last color on the right looks like MAC Club which happens to be one of my favorite colors. I can't spot any colors in this palette that I don't like!
Everyone has been raving about these! I had to try them. I was deciding between this on & the orange. But I know I would get more use from this one. Plus, reddish purples make green eyes pop!

I finally ordered my Dinair Pro Airbrush Kit. I cannot wait to receive it! Hopefully, I will have it by the end of next week & I'll be sure to do a post!

Have a great day!


(PS - I will be swatching these palette's in the next few days!)


  1. I love both of those WNW palettes! I just got pomegrante punk last weekend & really like it, However I find that you have to layer it to get the color to show up.

  2. W&W palettes are the best. Indeed their makeup is amazing but their packaging needs to be updated:)

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