Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mint Chocolate Chip Eyes


So this be my new favorite color combination. I happened to see it on Pinterest (by the way, is anyone addicted to that site like me!?)

I used lighter colors than the original picture (you can see the picture below) but I loved the way it turned out. I used the crease color from the "I Dream of Greenie" palette by Wet N Wild for my inner corner & then I added a gold shadow on the middle of my lid & a darker brown on my outer corner, both the gold & brown colors are from a cheapie eye palette called "Natural" from Forever 21 (it's a knockoff UD Naked palette). I used MAC Shroom to blend everything together. Finished it off with Maybelline's Lash Stilleto Liqiud eye liner.

I really love the colors together. It's still fun but subtle enough to wear to work (which I did!) The original is a little too bold for my everyday look but definitely something I would consider for a night out!
Are there any fun color combination's that you have been trying lately?


  1. I'm going crazy with matte choc in the crease and then color on the lids. Usually I pair it with taupes, gold and ocassionally mint green.

    Reason being - the colors are all in my Z-palette. So I just grab that and work with what is in there.

  2. I love that color combo. Would that go well with hazel eyes? BTW, you commented on my Blog, Witness My Fitness about Supreme 90 Day. I didn't use the meal plan, but I was already "eating clean" ---no added sugars, no preservatives, etc. I just counted calories and kept a food diary to keep my eating habits in check. That helped a lot. The eating plan seemed too cumbersome. Hope that helps! Hope you stick with S90D and get great results!