Friday, November 11, 2011

Supreme 90 Day System

So, I am trying to get back to eating healthier & working out. I have been totally slacking. I don't know what happened to my motivation, I guess most of it went into moving but now, it's truly time to get focused & back on track. The wedding is now less than a year a away & it is crunch time.

My biggest problems are that I hate exercising & that I have no willpower. It's pure laziness to be honest. When I played Roller Derby, I was in the best shape of my life. We'd do 2 hours of straight skating & I would be drenched with sweat. Now, I get winded walking up a flight of stairs! I'm not really trying to lose weight, I've never been super skinny. I'm 5'8" & I typically wear a 9/10 jeans. I'd love to get toned without losing my curves. Lately, my diet has consisted of JUNK (chips, cookies, french fries..) and my self esteem has plummeted. It's now or never..

I saw an infomercial for "Supreme 90 day System" & I was instantly pulled in. I wanted P90X but I cannot justify spending $120 on workout DVD's that I might not use. This is a knock off P90X, it comes with 10 DVD's that are focused on different areas of fitness. The best part? It was $22.95 with shipping. I researched before purchasing (as I do with everything) & it got rave reviews. However, I heard the website is a huge scam. I ended up purchasing it through Walmart. You can't beat $22.95, even if I don't use it, I don't feel like I wasted a huge chunk of change.

It comes with the DVD's (the packaging is a little cheap, but for twenty bucks, I won't complain!) in a little flip book. Each are labeled with the workout.

From what I have read online, most of the DVD's run about 30-45 minutes. You do need to purchase a stability ball & dumbbells (both of which I already own) but you can pick them up for about $10 each. The workout names are as follows (and the times):

*Chest& Back – Warm Up: 4:19, Workout: 22:14, Cool Down: 5:57

*Ultimate Ball – Warm Up: 4:19, Workout: 30:33, Cool Down: 5:57

*Tabata Inferno – Workout: 37:45, Cool Down – 5:57

*Shoulders & Arms – Warm Up: 4:19, Workout: 32:49, Cool Down: 5:57

*Cardio Challenge – Warm Up: 4:19, Workout: 31:06, Cool Down: 5:57

*Legs – Warm Up: 4:19, Workout: 22:51, Cool Down: 5:57

*Total Body – Warm Up: 4:19, Workout: 23:17, Cool Down: 5:57

*Core Dynamics – Warm Up: 4:19, Workout: 18:06, Cool Down: 5:57

*Back & Bi’s – Warm Up: 4:19, Workout: 46:22, Cool Down: 5:57

*Chest, Shoulders & Tri’s – Warm Up: 4:19, Workout: 34:51, Cool Down: 5:57

It also comes with a Nutrition Guide. I probably will NOT use this because I am a picky eater & most meal plans include things that I don't like. I haven't had much time to look at it in depth but I know it includes meal plans & recipes.
It has a 90 day success chart that tells you which DVD to do on which day. I really want to do the whole thing for 90 days & see how many inches I can lose.

I'm hoping to start Monday. I recently fell down the stairs at my house & hurt my ribs so I'm hoping they will be healed completely by then. I like that you do a different DVD each day because I get really bored with things. This should keep my attention span longer than a week! I'll keep you updated on what I think of the DVD's and if I think I'll be able to stick to it or not. Monday I will be doing a weigh in & then each week following up with a weigh in and measurements.

Have you tried Supreme 90 Day System, P90X or Insanity.. did you have good results? I'd love to hear you thoughts & comments!

Have a lovely night!



  1. this looks very interesting. update on how it goes for you. I just posted about my weight loss on my blog :P

    take care

  2. I'm right there with you Krystle! I recently started working out again and I'm trying to eat better. One of the things that's helping me is My Fitness Pal dot com. It helps me keep track of what I eat and the exercise I do.

    The process can be difficult and sometimes you'll lose your motivation, but don't ever give up! I haven't tried any of those programs but I'd like to try PX90.

    By the way, thanks for following my blog via Google Connect, I returned the favor :-)

  3. This looks really good, I'm the same and get bored so easily by doing the same routines. I'm really looking forward to hearing how you get on, good luck! xx

  4. This program works!!! My husband and I have done it in the past, and then slacked off. I gained weight last year and am at 179 right now, height 5'7" and going to beach in June!! We're back on now for the past week and I am so sore. It's important to keep the motivating factor in your mind every day. (beach for me; wedding for you) Also, we drink a ton of water every day and are eating healthfully every day (one cheat meal on Sunday). That is so important too. We don't follow the crazy eating plan that came with it, but we eat vegetables, whole grains, etc etc....the basics. No junk, nor sweets, bad carbs, etc. Good luck and it is HARD HARD HARD work...but SOOOO worth it!!