Friday, March 1, 2013

New Shoe Rack!

I thought I'd give you a tour of my favorite items in my house, SHOES!
I don't know if I mentioned it, but my work moved on February 1st to a building that is 5 times bigger than our old building was. Everyone was super excited because we got all new everything & we moved to a much more central location. ( I am not kidding, the old building was in a super small town with NOTHING close by!) Anyway, they had a silent action to sell a ton of stuff that was no longer needed for the new building & I bought these huge racks (I picked up 2 because I thought they were much smaller than they are!)
I have been looking for something to put my shoes on for months without spending an arm & a leg. I almost purchased a book case but it was really big & heavy. I know we'll be buying a house in the next few years and I try to keep that in mind when buying things. (Big & Heavy = major pain in the ass to move!) My work had these plastic racks & I scored them for $5 each (they are $20-$30 in stores). I put one to good use for my heels and wedges. 
Here is the larger rack:
I also took the time to rearrange my boots. My walk in closet in our town house came with these awesome built in steps.
And here's all of my wedges & heels. I still have to store my flats in bins, you can see one in the picture below. But I have 3 bins filled with flats & flip flops. I am so obsessed with my shoes! :)
Butters is also obsessed with my shoes, he likes to climb all over them at night & knock them down during the day. He's lucky he's handsome!
How do you store your shoes?


  1. Aou apaixonada por sapatos amei!!!tambémpassei para desejar um otimo final de semana
    se tiver um tempinho da uma passada no meu cantinho bjss

  2. Wow uve got so many shoes. I only have a few pairs lol x

  3. Wow you have really nice shoes I am obsessed with shoes

  4. hallo liebes, schöner artikel :)

    einen tollen blog hast du, man merkt das du dir mühe gibst.
    das wird immer seltener...

    hast du lust auf gegenseitiges folgen ?

    schau dir meinen blog einfach mal an, vllt gefällt er dir ja. ich würde mich sehr freuen :)

    liebste grüße, lucia

  5. Look at all those shoes!! Wow, you lucky girl! Also, how pretty is butters, such a beautiful kitty!

    E x

  6. Wow! It looks like a store! Thanks for the link, buddy.