Tuesday, March 26, 2013

BFTE Cosmetics in Mermaid, Clara & Dragon Slayer Swatches (and Dupes!)

I am so sorry I haven't been posting. Everything in my life has been crazy lately, I have been working 60 hour weeks & trying to workout for an hour each night, so I have no time. But I will be trying to post more often. I also wanted let you know that I created a fitblr (fitness tumblr) so if you have Tumblr, make sure you follow me here!
I'll be doing a post today on the gold I received from BFTE in my last order. All of the golds are swatched below along with descriptions from BFTE websites (if there is a description). All are applied dry first & then foiled with BFTE Mix & Seal:
Mermaid - Shimmery light gold with soft blue-green duo-chrome.
Clara (No Description) - Shimmery gold, very close to Mermaid with more shimmer & lighter, great highlight color when applied dry.
Dragon Slayer (No Description) - Vibrant copper, when foiled it looks like a copper penny!
Mermaid is so pretty, I always pick golds because they work well with my skin tone. It goes on quite light when dry but when you foil it the color is so metallic & bright.
Clara is very shimmery, it almost blends right into my skin tone when applied dry, I'm not sure how I  feel about this color, I like it but I am not sure how to wear it.
Dragon Slayer is amazing! I love coppers & the more metallic, the better. This color is gorgeous when foiled!
I didn't realize that I had a color almost exactly like Dragon Slayer in my collection, but Fyrinnae's Gilded Wings is almost a perfect match!
I feel like Gilded Wings is less orange and a little less bright than Dragon Slayer. I like Gilded Wings better dry than Dragon Slayer. However, I like Dragon Slayer better when foiled.
You can see that they are very close, Gilded Wings dry is not quite as blotchy & when foiled it is lighter in color. Dragon Slayer dry is blah, but you when foiled it comes alive! 
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