Sunday, March 10, 2013

Healthy Eating (plus my Meal Plan)

I think last week I did a post on how I have been eating really healthy. I haven't been weighing myself lately because find that I get too caught up in the number on the scale. I also haven't been working out because my gym membership doesn't renew until tomorrow, so I have been staying between 1200-1400 calories. I weighed myself for the first time in 11 days & I am down 8.6 pounds! I am so excited & motivated!
I started at 163 pounds (the heaviest I have been in a LONG time) and today my scale hit 154.4 pounds. I have also been eating 8 servings of vegetables & 2 servings of fruit (only with breakfast), drinking a gallon of water a day & not eating after 10 pm. 
I have found that the more vegetables I eat, the less hungry I feel. My snacks consist of celery, carrots & campari tomatoes (my favorite!). I also gave myself a cheat meal today which was Panera Bread broccoli cheddar bread bowl but I ate healthy the rest of today & stayed under 1400 calories.

I feel like a cheat meal each week keeps me sane & I actually look forward to having something "bad". My husband & I also cook at home each night. A few days ago we did a beef roast in the oven with taco seasoning & made beef tacos. We have been trying not to waste anything, so we used the leftovers & made beef, brown rice & pinto bean bowls. I used 1/2 cup brown rice (made with vegetable broth), 1/2 cup pinto beans & 3 ounces of the roast, I loaded it with lettuce & tomatoes, threw about and 1/8 of a cup of reduced fat cheddar cheese, 2 tablespoons of light sour cream (I hate fat free) & a teaspoon of Cholula Hot Sauce. It was so delicious, easy & filling, in fact, I ate the rest of the rice & beans for lunch today.
I found a recipe for Skinny Cheesy Vegetable Chowder & decided I have to try it. You can find the original recipe here. It's full of veggies & it tastes delicious. So here's my run down for breakfast, lunch & dinner tomorrow:
Breakfast (I eat at 2pm because I am not a morning person!):
1 cup Multi Grain Cheerios
1/2 cup Lactaid 2% milk
100 grams of fresh strawberries
2 Cuties mandarin oranges
Lunch # 1 (I eat this at 5pm):
1/2 cup pinto beans
1/2 cup brown rice
1/4 cup reduced fat shredded, mild cheddar
2 tablespoons of light sour cream
1 teaspoon of Cholula Hot Sauce
1 cup of romaine lettuce
1/4 of a cucumber
Lunch #2 (I eat this at 7 pm):
1 cup Cheesy Vegetable Chowder
2 cups of romaine lettuce
5 campari tomatoes
2 tablespoons of light Hidden Valley Ranch dressing
3 oz of baby carrots
Dinner ( I eat this at 9 pm because I work 12-8 most days):
3 oz. of extra lean ground beef
1 whole wheat hamburger roll
1 teaspoon of Hellman's Mayo (I will only eat this kind!)
1 tablespoon of sugar free Heinz ketchup
1 cup of frozen green beans (5 sprays of I Can't Believe it's not Butter)
3 celery stalks
This is a little less clean than I usually eat, but I have been craving cereal SO bad. The total calorie intake for tomorrow is 1427, 3 servings of fruit & 10 servings or vegetables.
I hope this helps!


  1. That soup sounds really good!!

    hope you have the best day!



    1. I've made it 3 times so far & it's delicious!

  2. Looks yummy! I've tagged you in my most recent post! Check it out :)