Tuesday, March 12, 2013

BFTE Cosmetics in Green Apple, Lavish, Cat Eye and Lemon Swatches (and Dupes!)

So I placed an order with BFTE (Beauty from the Earth) last week & I received it on Friday. I decided to swatch them in groupings & also include any possible dupes that I could find in my collection (I chose between Glamour Doll Eyes & Fyrinnae shadows). I'm starting with greens & yellows in this post.
All descriptions are from BFTE website unless there is no description & then I'll try my best to describe the color:
Green Apple: Bright shimmery grass green with lighter green shimmer.
Lavish: Green-Yellow with medium sheen.
Cat Eye (No Description Available): Grey green with lighter grass green shimmer.
Lemon: Bright Clean Shimmery Yellow; Not too cool, not too warm Perfectly balanced yellow. Almost metallic applied wet.
All of these are sample sizes & they were $2 each. BFTE offers flat rate $4 shipping which is nice. I do love BFTE because their selection is amazing, it's almost overwhelming because they offer SO MANY different colors. Their samples are smaller than Fyrinnae, but they are $2.75 , they are also smaller than Glamour Doll Eyes (GDE) but their samples are $2.50 each. You can see each color swatched below, first dry & then with BFTE Mix & Seal.
I purchased a lot of basic colors that I don't own. I loved Green Apple, I found it on their Facebook page, Lavish is much more green than the swatch above shows. Cat Eye was sent to me in place of Kiss the Frog which was out of stock (Crystal, the owner, personally called me to ask if I wanted another color. How nice is that!? I told her to surprise me!) Lemon is a basic yellow which I don't own or have anything close to.
I chose 1 dupe for each of the shadows since I tend to have more greens in my collection than most other colors. Keep in mind, I chose these while they were in the jar, I know some of them aren't even close when swatched!
I chose GDE Mackinac as a dupe for Green Apple. You can see they are very close, Green Apple is more green with brighter shimmer.  I chose GDE Oddity for Lavish which was more green but I really didn't have anything closer to this color! Lavish is closer to a chartuese, Oddity is much more green with less shimmer.
Greeen Apple & Mackinac are so close!
I chose GDE Going green as a dupe for Lemon, it is lighter, more shimmery & a tad greener. I picked Fyrinnae's Are You My Mummy for a dupe of Cat Eye. Are You My Mummy is an Arcane Shadow, so it's a douchrome & looks different at each angle but it's the closet color I can find in my collection!! As you can see, Cat Eye is much more grey toned.
 I can't choose a favorite between GDE, Fyrinnae or BFTE, they all have awesome products & samples that are super cheap but give you plenty of product.
I've got like 6 more of these posts that I will get finished over the next week. 
Also, if you have any requests for posts that you would like to see, feel free to leave me a comment & let me know!


  1. Wow these colours are very bright and unique, xoxo.

  2. Replies
    1. They are even better looking in person!

  3. those are GORGEOUS colors! I definitely need to check those out!!

    great post

    xx Nicole

    1. You won't regret it! they have a huge selection!