Friday, April 5, 2013

Urban Decay Primer Potion vs. Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Today, I'll be comparing Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP) & Too Faced Shadow Insurance (TFSI). I have used both of these & I often switch between the two. Let me start by saying that UDPP was the first "higher end" beauty product I ever purchased. I was watching a video on YouTube & saw this girl explaining why primer is such a big deal & it clicked. I could never wear eye shadow without it creasing in 10 minutes or smearing off. This was the product that got me into makeup!
I have swatched a small amount of each on my arm, UDPP is first, TFSI is on the right. With both of these products, a little bit goes along way & the amount you can see below is what I apply to each of my eyes (enough for my whole eyelid & eyebrows). 
As you can see, they both blend in nude/sheer. There is a consistency difference. UDPP is thicker, I won't say heavier because it's not it just feels thicker. TFSI is more "watery" but it typically is easier to blend out. When you apply UDPP is dries very quickly, whereas, TFSI takes a little longer.
I swatched Wet N Wild's "Comfort Zone" palette's definer color using both UDPP & TFSI.
I did 2 close up pictures to show you. It goes UDPP, TFSI & then no primer. 
I think both primers work very well. You can see a difference with no primer in both pictures.
UDPP recently changed their packaging (thank goodness!) it was coming in a tube with a doe foot applicator, however, the weird shape of the bottle meant you couldn't use all the primer. I actually had to cut mine open & put it in an empty mineral jar. Now, both UDPP & TFSI come in squeeze tube. I switch between the two, I like UDPP for most days. I usually use TFSI with mattes & mineral makeup because it's a little tackier & works better. I feel as through UDPP can make mattes look a little splotchy. 
They are about the same size tubes, UDPP is .37 oz for $20 at Sephora, TFSI is .35 oz. for $20. I got my UDPP for $25 at Ulta but it was a gift set that included a face primer & setting spray. I got TFSI from EBay for $10 (be weary, I have heard of SO many fakes!).
I hope this helps, leave comments! 


  1. Brilliant review and comparison. Definitely going to check out the urban decay primer then :D

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