Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Job Is Flooded!

So, if driving in flooded water yesterday wasn't bad enough, the town I work in called a state of emergency.
In the picture, the left hand side has a bridge that is 15 feet above the river. Typically the water is about 100 feet from the rail road tracks. You can see the hand rails for the bridge on the left (and the road on the right). The right side, beyond the tracks is where my job is located. At this point (around noon) the river was at 59 ft.

This is the opposite side of the tracks at 3 PM. The river came up over the railroad tracks an flooded the road. The water is about 8 feet deep here. This was the whole road at 5 PM. The water is level with the railroad tracks and over 350 feet beyond its normal bank. We aren't sure if there is any damage inside the building but my boss & a few local coworkers came in and moved all the major things (computers, phones & equipment) to the second level. Everyone got out safe & we'll be closed until Monday. The Susquehanna River is set to crest at 62.7 feet, 2 feet less then when Hurricane Agnes hit Lancaster County in 1972, on Saturday at 5 AM. I'm just praying that all is well because I love my job.
All the best,


  1. oh wow, I feel so bad for everyone dealing with all the flooding! Be safe!