Monday, September 19, 2011

My 5 Favorite Brushes

I have tons of makeup brushes but I always have a few that I carry in my main makeup bag. These are my favorite brushes right now:

(L to R): E.L.F Studio Complexion Brush, Bare Minerals Concealer Brush, Smashbox #12 Angled Brow Brush, Smashbox Definer #15 Brush, Crown C210 - Small Chisel Fluff Brush

(Sorry they are dirty, I just used them!)

1. The ELF Studio Complexion brush is just awesome. I have the Bare Minerals powder brushes & I love them, however, once you wash them they become very scratchy. It actually irritates my skin, so I was on the search for a powder brush. I read some really great reviews about the Studio Complexion Brush & for $3, it was worth a try. I use it daily with Bare Minerals powder foundation & I wash it once every 4-5 days. It's had minimal shedding & it is so soft still. The only con I've had with ALL of my ELF brushes is that the metal part comes unattached form the handle. (Please do not judge me, but i usually chew a piece of gum and stick it back together! hahaha)

2. Bare Minerals Concealer Brush - I actually use this for concealer & foundation. I've had this brush for years & I've never needed to replace it. It's perfect for powder or cream foundations. The stiffer bristles make it great for blending & I've never seen one bristle shed! It's a little pricey but I got it with Bare Minerals Starter Kit years ago.

3. Crown C210 Chisel Brush - I have the whole brush set, I got it on sale for $29.99 around Christmas. I like most of the brushes but this is my favorite. I mainly use it for applying color to my crease. It's small & it is just fluffy enough to get a perfect amount of product. It also works great for the inner corners of your eye.
4. Smashbox #15 Definer Brush - Oh myy gawd. I love this brush. I dropped it down the crack of my couch cushion & was devastated for like 3 days! I could have cried tears of joy when I found it! I use this to apply all over shadow, for my crease, outer "V" & to blend. It is so soft & easy to work with. I used to work for QVC so I picked up a lot of Smashbox products for cheap.

5. Smashbox #12 Brow Brush - I will never use another brush on my eyebrows. This is the bee's knee's of brow brushes. It's so stiff & makes very precise lines. Since my eyebrows are pretty much non existent, this is like my holy grail of makeup brushes! The only con is I wish the handle was a little shorter, it'd be easier to work with.

What are your favorites?


  1. Love this post!!!!I think the one brush I can never live without is my MAC angled brush for my brows. My brows can be the only thing done on my face and Im happy :D

  2. great post my top favs are Mac 217 and elf flat top brush. there my must haves

  3. Nothing beats a good brow brush. I am still stuck in the past and just use my brow pencil. I just grabbed a couple ELF brushes from Target the other day. I hate their products but their brushes seem to be pretty good. Especially for a buck hahahaha.


  4. You have a really cool blog :)
    I nominated you for a blog award!

  5. ive heard good things about the elf powder brush, i have the blush brush and i really like it. btw, i passed an award to you because i enjoy reading your blog. you can check it out on my page. take care.

  6. nice post! i love MAC 217 (like many others), eco tools brushes and some BYS brushes (it's a really cheap Aus brand)