Wednesday, December 26, 2012

MAC All That Glitters, Satin Taupe, Black Tied & Freshwater

I'm sorry, I have been kind of  busy with work & holiday things. I thought I would do a quick update! First off, Happy Holidays everyone! I was such a Grinch this Christmas, which is so unlike me. I think that I have had such a terrible year, all I care about is 2012 being over. Plus, we're really trying to pay the wedding so we couldn't buy much for each other. I bought Dustin a new wedding band (he lost his on our honeymoon) and he got a few small gifts. He bought me new black diamond earrings (even though I said NO JEWELRY!) and he got me a RG3 Redskins shirt, plus a new blender & can opener. We spent Christmas Eve with his family & his mom got me a sewing machine, I am so excited to start sewing!! My mom put together a really beautiful wedding picture collage. 
This look is from about a week ago. I love these colors together, I usually wear the same thing most days which is totally boring but I decided to switch it up a bit. MAC's Freshwater is a very bright, vibrant blue, however, when I put Black Tied (matte black with silver sparkle) it muted the blue & made it all but purple. I always start with All That Glitters (After UDPP) on my entire eyelid, Satin Taupe in my crease & then I applied Freshwater onto the crease and buffed Black Tied over top lightly, just enough to blend everything together. I always use MAC Shroom as a brow highlight & inner corner of my eye highlight.
I switch between MAC's Liquid Liner & Maybelline's Lash Stiletto liquid eyeliner. I love MAC's but once it dries you have to use makeup remover to fix any mistakes. Lash Stiletto is more forgiving, I can use water and a Q-Tip to fix any mistakes. I love, love love Maybelline's Turbo Volume Waterproof mascara right now, works awesome!
 I used MAC's Refined Golden Bronzer, which is my favorite bronzer. I'm still looking for the perfect blush, right now I am using a few different kinds, nothing that I love. And I adore MAC's Soft & Gentle highlighter. 
For my lips, I keep it simple for work. I used MAC's Myth with Nymphette Lip Glass on top.
I hope everyone had a great Holiday & hopefully 2013 will be a wonderful year!