Friday, November 25, 2011

I'm Thankful for...

I hope that you & your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

We did lunch with Dustin's family & dinner with mine. I forgot my camera but Dustin's sister took a few I thought i would share

I'm thankful my amazing future hubby! We may not have it all together but together, we have it all!

All the girls!
The first time the whole family has been together in 15 years <3

The boys!

I'm so thankful this season. A few days ago, I sat stressing about money & then I saw a commercial that 17 million people inside the USA go hungry. Then, the very next day, the lady in front of me, a mother in line at the grocery store was paying for formula in all change with tears in her eyes. I handed the cashier a twenty and handed the women the change. I've never gone hungry & I've always had a roof over my head. This season is about giving & I truly believe in donating to you local charities & helping however much you can. Remember the real reason for the holidays!

Have a great day!


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