Friday, December 2, 2011

Pain is inevitable, Suffering is optional.

It's been a little while, I hope that you've been well!

I have a few pictures from this week.

First, we'll start with a look that I really like. I used MAC's Shroom all over my lid & applied the crease color from Wet N Wild's "I Dream of Greenie". I used my typical black eyeliner & face routine. I love the teal color. It was subtle but still enough color to be fun!

You can see it much better in this picture.
The teal really makes my eyes look bright. I'm lovvvving it!

So, I've started eating healthy & working out. I also bought myself an early Christmas present & splurged on elliptical that should be here Monday. I've been trying to eat healthy without being too strict. I have too admit, I'm doing well. I track my calories on Spark People & I'm staying between 1,200-1,500 calories a day. My main concern is cutting out most of the processed junk & eating homemade, fresh meals. I've cut all soda &juice (which isn't hard for me) and I drink only water & unsweetened iced tea with lemon. I haven't been weighing myself (it discourages me) but I can feel a difference in the fit of my clothes. Dustin & I try to do at least 20 minutes worth of weight lifting & easy at home workouts (crunches, push ups & jumping jacks) each day.

Here's a few pictures of what I have been eating. I made an omelet with Canadian bacon, eggs & cheese and ate it with an apple. It was healthy and filling. I tend to eat a ton of eggs because they are so versatile. If I'm not eating eggs for breakfast, i will eat oatmeal or cereal or even leftovers from the night before. I like to stay at about 400 calories for breakfast.

It's hard to cook a healthy meal when you work late, but I've been taking my mini crock pot to work & cooking my meals at my desk. This was a leftover from the night before, i put a thawed chicken breast with salt & pepper in the bottom of my crock pot & then poured 2 cans of 98% Fat Free cream of mushroom soup over top. I added half a jar of mushrooms & allowed it to cook about 6 hours. I used mushroom flavored rice but I also love it over plain brown rice. It's about 500 calories for the whole thing & had some fresh asparagus with it.

I hope that I've given you some motivation & if you have any good crock pot recipes let me know, I'd love to try them!

Thanks for reading!

Have a great night!



  1. Beautiful eye look, I love the pop of green! Congrats on staying healthy! I started making healthier decisions back in August: starting with cutting out processed foods, high fructose corn syrup (its in so many processed foods, even bread!), and eating more whole grains and veggies. I work out lightly on my elliptical, too. I eventually cut out red meat and cheese and I've lost almost 20 pounds with little effort and feel great! I would suggest watching the movies Fork Over Knives or Food, Inc. if you haven't already. Good luck on your health journey!! xoxo

  2. I am so happy I came across your blog! Plus that little owl following me is making me very happy. I love owls. In any case, I am also on a healthy diet. Especially with Christmas a few weeks away, I want to look my very best in a dress. Or atleast comfortable in my skin. I try to go on daily walks and eat healthy so I hope to see results soon, cause I been ad it for weeks! I wish you good luck and keep us posted!
    Mari from

  3. Looks like some really good food! I love your eye makeup in the top photos!

  4. Love the blog girly!
    And love the food choices!

    I have recently lost 100lbs so I know how difficult yet rewarding sticking to a workout routine and healthy mealplan can be!

    New to this but thought id say hello!
    Follow eachother?