Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Stink bugs?

Have you ever seen a stink bug? Um.. I have A LOT. There's been an infestation where I live. They aren't even from here, they are from Asia? Wtf are the doing in PA!? Seriously, I counted 21 in my bedroom this morning. Thy aren't harmful, they just fly around and when they get aggravated they emit this TERRIBLE scent. Of course, my cats have been going crazy chasing after them. Every one I catch gets flicked outside!
Here is one on my blind. BASTARDS!
I did a smoky eye, my camera is the worst. Plus, I only did one eye... I'm super lazy tonight! I'll show you but the pictures are crap!
Do NOT judge my eyebrows! I have not had time to wax or tweeze them and they are wiggity whack!

Have a great night!


  1. 'wiggity whack* HAHA! and 21 bugs?! I loathe insects, the way they look repulses me :/ great look! xx

  2. oh hell to the no on the bugs!!! but i am loving your makeup♥

  3. woahhhh..your so beautiful. well that stink bugs is a disgusting thing.