Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ELF Haul!!

So I just walked in from work & my ELF products had been delivered! Just a little background, I have tried some things from ELF before, I wasn't a huge fan. Then, a few months ago they were having 50% off of there Studio line, so I thought "Why Not?". I purchased a bunch of things & was pleasantly surprised. So this is what I bought this time:
Lilac Petal Shimmering Facial Whip- This stuff is a beautiful shimmer cream. I rubbed a tiny bit on my wrist and the color is really rich. It's definitely a good product.(Regular Line)
Shine Eraser- Oil blotting papers, I haven't tried them yet.
Pink Lemonade All Over Color Stick- I love color sticks, especially for my purse. Blush, lipcolor & eyeshadow all in one? Hell Yeah! This color reminds me of a brick. It's not as red, more of a darker pink. It'll be used a blush for sure. (Regular Line)
Black Liqiud Eyeliner- I put a smudge of this on my hand and rubbed.. it didn't even budge. That's always a good sign! (Regular Line)
Eyelid Primer - I'm keeping my fingers crossed this works because UDPP is expensive!
Blushed/Bronzed Contouring Powder- My favorie product. It's a beautiful peachy pink and a bronzer. The pink is GORGEOUS. It has just enough shimmer without being sparkly. (Studio Line)
Complexion Brush & Smaill Precision Brushes - Both are very soft and of good quality, I'll let you know more when I use them!
Boldly Bronzed, Grassy Green, Plum & Teal Shimmering Eyeliner Pencil- AMAZING! I really am impressed with these, the colors are SUPER vibrant and really pigmented for a dollar! (Regular Line)
Ash Eyebrow Kit- I have the Light eyebrow kit & I love it but it's not ashy enough for my eyebrows. The 2 mixed should be perfect!
Brush Shampoo & Daily Brush Cleaner - Super excited to try these. I'll do more on these at a later date!
Zit Zapper- Self explanitory (& $1)
Purple Cream Eyeliner- I lovvvvvve this stuff. It's so rich and creamy. The color is really pigmented and sooo pretty. Purple makes green eyes POP! (Studio Line)
(Green, Plum, Teal & Bronze Eyliner Pencils, Black Liquid Liner, Purple Cream Liner, Lilica Petal Shimmering Whip (Top) Pink Lemonade Stick (Bottom with cream eyeliner smeared in the middle!))

I'm going to be playing around with these for the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled!


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  1. Great Haul! I didn't like their liquid eyeliner :( but I am dying to try the cream liners!