Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Motivation

Good morning!
As you know, I am currently trying to lose about 25-30 pounds. It’s been super hard as I love to eat junk food!
My main reason for losing weight is to be healthy! I want to live a long life, have lots of babies and maybe one day travel the world!
I also want to lose weight for my wedding on October 20, 2012. I know it’s a long time from now but it gives me more motivation to be a size or two smaller by then.
My mom & both of her parents have type 2 diabetes. This is what I am trying to get away from. I’d rather lose the weight now when I can and save myself from all the bad things that go with being overweight.
This is what keeps me motivated:
1.The Wedding!
2.Marisa Miller, her body is AMAZING!
3.Really good throwback music!
4.To prove to myself that I can lose this weight.
5.The skinny jeans I have in my closet from 2 summers ago!
(For you who don't know, this is Marisa Miller! Um, serious girl crush right here! Her body is rocking!!)
What keeps you motivated? Do you have any dieting tips or tricks?
Thanks for reading! Have a great Friday!


  1. That two piece swim suit is HOTT!!!

  2. good for you girl! you can do it and 2012 will be here before you know it!