Saturday, April 13, 2013

BFTE Cosmetics in Lava Momma, Raspberry, Bondage & Romp Swatches (and Dupes!)

Yes, I am still doing swatches for BFTE Cosmetics! (I think I have 2 more sets to do!)
These are the pinks & purples from my BFTE Cosmetic order, I have applied each dry & then used BFTE Mix & Seal and foiled a swatch. I have also included BFTE's descriptions (if available).
Lava Momma- Bright hot fuchsia with pink iridescence. Not for the faint of heart!
Raspberry - Bright tropical pink with pink iridescence. 
Bondage (no description available) - Dark Charcoal grey with a bit of sparkle.
Romp - Medium purple with pink sparkles. 
I don't own any bright pink pigments so I thought Lave Momma would be a good color to start with. I have seen some really gorgeous looks done with this color on BFTE's Facebook page. I actually like it dry because it's sheer but still very bright. I would love to try this as a lip color!
Raspberry & Lava Momma are almost identical except Lava Momma has more fuchsia & Raspberry is more pink. (You can really tell in the above swatch!) I like this one better dry too, it has that pretty sheen, sheer look.
Bondage is one of my favorites from this order, it's gorgeous when dry or foiled (although I think foiling it brings out the true beauty) It's almost got a purple/brown town when dry & when foiled it has a gorgeous aqua colored shimmer.
I'm not super impressed with Romp. It might be that own a million other purples but this color is kind of boring & in all honesty, I don't really like it wet or dry, but I'd be willing to work with it dry because it might be a good highlight color. I may have to give this away to a good home!
I searched for a dupe for these colors & all I could come up with was Glamour Doll Eyes (GDE) Southern Lace. You can see it's not an exact dupe of Raspberry but the are somewhat close. 
It's weird, I like GDE Southern Lace better foiled & BFTE Raspberry better dry. Southern Lace is more red toned with much more shimmer.
You can see when they are dry, they look very close to each other but when wet or foiled then are very different. Southern Lace is darker & has almost a glitter look.
Have you tried any of these colors? Do you know of any dupes?


  1. I'm super-impressed with your skill at makeup. The pictures of your application are amazing. You have such talent. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. Bright and wonderful! xoxo.

  3. I just googled Southern Lace and Glamour Doll and found this post. :) I love the swatch comparisons <3