Monday, January 21, 2013

BFTE Swatches Part 3 (Blues/Greens/Glitter)

Today, I have the last of the BFTE Swatches and the just so happen to be my favorites! Also, I want to apologize for not getting these done sooner, I have been taking steroids to take care of shingles that I found out I had a week ago & I have been in zombie mood. 
Anyways, I wanted to post these today while I have some time on my hands. 
They are all swatched dry first & then with BFTE Mix & Fix Sealant.
Top row from left to right (I'll provide BFTE descriptions if available).
Gun Metal (no description available) - Lighter, bright shimmery silver. Not a lot of sparkle.
Spellbound - Dark shimmery blue between a royal and navy blue.
Caribbean - Teal with shimmer.
Paradise - Light baby blue with a velvet front finish.
Sour (Free sample, not pictured in line up) - Bright, shimmery grass green.
Cocoa - Dark neutral toned brown with silver shimmer (FAVORITE!)
Meteor Shower - Black with a myriad of rainbow glitter reflects. Great as a liner or for a rocker eye. (FAVORITE!)
Gable (no description available) -  A chocolate brown with gold shimmer.
Secret Garden - Olive green with bronze undertones and golden glimmers
Wicked - Grey-toned purple with green shimmer.
I adore Meteor Shower & Gable! Look at those colors!

A better view of Gable, Secret Garden & Wicked. Plus you can really see the shimmer in Cocoa!
Let me know what you think! :)

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