Wednesday, January 16, 2013

BFTE Cosmetics (PIC HEAVY)

BFTE Cosmetics (Beauty From The Earth) had a sample sale 2 weekends ago (I think?), every sample was half off & they were a $1 a piece. I have never purchased from them before but I thought that this would be the perfect time to give them a try. First, they have a HUGE selection of colors, it was so hard to choose (my hubby gave me a $30 budget!) but after browsing the website & their Facebook I placed my order. I placed my order on 1/5/13 & received it on 1/11/13. They are in KS & I live pretty far in PA, so that is exceptionally fast shipping (especially through USPS). 
I was like a kid on Christmas opening the package, everything came neatly wrapped in bubble wrap & glittery tissue paper (which my cat destroyed). The samples were in a plastic baggie & wrapped tightly).
 I thought this was really great customer service. Usually when a company is out of stock they will contact you & ask about a refund or exchange. They so kindly sent 3 samples in place of Errai which was out of stock. All three of these colors are so gorgeous. I thought this was a really nice gesture & will continue to order from BFTE in the future! 
I tired to group them as closely as possible & I have swatched each color in a few posts that I have coming in the next few days.
I'll start with blues/greens & glitters:
(Starting at the top from left to right) 
Gun Metal, Spellbound, Caribbean & Paradise
Bottom Row:
Cocoa, Meteor Shower, Gable, Secret Garden & Wicked
Pinks/Purples & Reds
Top Row:
Livid, Foxy, End of Times & Isis
Bottom Row:
Big Ego, Cure & Vamp
Top Row:
Autumn, Bubbly, Riddle & Heat
Bottom Row:
Baked, Linen, Honey & Beautiful
Plus, a complimentary sample of Sour.
And a few closeups of my favorites:
Honey- this color is gorgeous!
Meteor Shower & Gable are both amazing!
I have all colors swatched & ready to show over the next few days. You think they are pretty in the pan? Wait, til you see them in the swatches!
Also, I wanted to give you an update, I have been feeling a little crappy lately. I have 5 medicines that I am taking & they all make extremely tired & grumpy. I absolutely hate the steroids I'm on but I have been tapering down & have 4 more days of the 2 worst medicines. They make my skin/eyes & mouth very dry & my stomach hurt. I have no appetite & just want to sleep all day (which I can't because I work full time). But compared to the pain & itching, I'll take the medicine!
I hope you guys have a great night!


  1. Those look like gorgeous shadows! I'm looking forward to the swatches :D

  2. They are so gorgeous! Can't wait for you to see them! :)

  3. These look so nice, especially silver and nude ones. :) x

    1. I can't choose a favorite, they are all awesome!

  4. Want to see swatches!!! :) Lovely colors
    FOllow you now dear ;)
    Wait for you My blog By Joyce ♥
    My blog By Joyce ♥

  5. I cant wait for future sales of them

  6. Wow they are such gorgeous colours! xx

  7. Ahhhh love these so much! Thank you for stopping by my blog :) pretty place you got here XD x loleihem